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co aster's primary means of reproduction is through pollination, which occurs with the help of short or mid-length tongued insects that are able to manipulate the small flower heads successfully and transfer pollen from one plant to another. The use of pollen from one plant to fertilize another is called cross-pollination and is required by this species. Any occasional self-pollination produces only a few viable seeds.:?842–843? As an adaptive mechanism, the flower heads of Symphyotrichum lateriflorum "go to sleep" at night. The flower heads close the ray florets around the disk florets. This may help protect and preserve the pollen within.:?842? Reproduction also can occur through cloning via the plant's short rhizomatic structure. Typically, this causes the formation of small groups rather than large colonies, because S. lateriflorum is not a large colony-producing species. It is more likely for any vegetative reprod uction (non-seed reproduction) to form witphyotrichum genus are exclusively female, each having a pistil (with style, stigma, and ovary) but no stamen. Ray florets accept pollen and each can develop a seed, but they produce no pollen. The ray florets of S. lateriflorum bloom earlier and are likely receptive to pollen longer than the disk florets.:?842? Each ray floret has three petals which are fused together to form a corolla. The floret has one ovary at the bottom, and this ovary contains one ovule. The ovary has an attached style that extends outward from between the ray floret corolla and the rest of the flower head. As the ray floret is blooming, the stigma at the top of the style splits into two lobes to allow pollen to access the ovary.:?30–31? Disk florets in the Symphyotrichum genus are bisexual, each with both male (stamen, anthers, and filaments) and female reproductive parts; thus, a disk floret produces poll