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ia Arora (Alia Bhatt) is an insomniac orphan adopted by Bipin Arora (Pankaj Kapur), whose wife Geetu Arora (Niki Aneja Walia) and mother Kamla Arora (Sushma Seth) are extremely business minded and greedy. Alia is hated by both Geetu and Kamla, but deeply loved by Bipin, as well as his biological daughter Isha (Sanah Kapur). Since Alia is unable to sleep, Bipin draws her a dream every night before going to bed, hoping it will encourage her to sleep. With Isha set to get married at a destination wedding in London, the family drives to the wedding venue. On the way, Bipin's car is hit by Jagjinder Joginder aka JJ (Shahid Kapoor) driving his motorcycle, leading to a comical altercation between them. It is later revealed that JJ is the event manager for Isha's wedding. The marriage is arranged between the Aroras and the Fundwanis, a family headed by Mr. Fundwani. The Aroras need the marriage to occur as they have become bankrupt, and are hoping to access the money of the seemingly wealthy Fundwanis. The groom, Robin Fundwani, is fitness-obsessed and vain; he looks at Isha with contempt because of her weight and her love of food. Through some magical and comical moments, Alia and JJ (who is also an insomniac due to losing his mother in anti-Sikh riots) become romantically interested in one another, eventually curing each other's insomnia and falling asleep together. Before the wedding, Arora matriarch Kamla sneezes and dies, which will derail the wedding. The Aroras, desperate for the wedding to carry on, pretend she is still alive. Isha becomes increasingly upset with Robin, with Robin escalating this friction by insulting Isha's weight and making fun of her. Isha arrives at the wedding dais and decides not to get married, and her speech inspires every one to believe in themselves and their self-worth. Frustrated, Mr. Fundwani tries to physically force the marriage to continue, and it is revealed that the F undwanis are also bankrupt. JJ, Alia, Bipin, Isha and Robin escape from the scene and fly away in a helicop