Available Reports

This is a list of available reports.

Report Title
{1} Active Tickets
{2} Active Tickets by Version
{3} Active Tickets by Milestone
{4} Assigned Tickets by Owner
{5} Assigned, Active Tickets by Owner (Full Description)
{6} All Tickets By Milestone (Including closed)
{7} My Tickets
{8} Active Tickets, Mine first
{9} TODO by Milestone
{10} Last Modified, Active Tickets by, (descending)
{11} Closed Tickets
{12} Active Tickets by Component
{13} Active Tickets I Created
{14} Roadmap Report by Milestone
{15} New Patches
{16} Parrot issues affecting languages, by urgency and language
{18} Cage cleaner tasks
{19} Newbie Tickets
{21} Plumage Tickets (ALL)
{22} Plumage Tickets (ACTIVE)
{23} Regression Tickets
{24} Testing Tickets
{26} Win32 Tickets
{27} All Tickets I Created
{28} Open RFCs
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