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Component: configure (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Priority Created
#1732 [PATCH] Parrot Configure can't find pod2man and perldoc under a versiononly perl configure 2.6.0 bug new normal 08/06/10
#1390 Configure doesn't check for a 'curses' lib in the readline test configure 1.9.0 bug new normal 12/23/09
#322 Annoying cygwin/mingw cfg readline popup configure todo new trivial 02/12/09

Component: core (47 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Priority Created
#760 readline_interactive method no longer returns PMCNULL on eof core trunk patch whiteknight new blocker 06/13/09
#1589 Move . to the end of the library search path core 2.3.0 bug soh_cah_toa new critical 04/24/10
#562 subclassing basic number types fails to inherit basic ops like add, sub, mul and div core trunk bug kjs new critical 04/18/09
#1500 API to tell which opcode group an opcode is in core master RFC whiteknight new major 03/06/10
#1916 Deprecate freeze, thaw, and thawfinish VTABLEs core master deprecation cotto new major 12/30/10
#1906 [DEPRECATED] Passing non-const STRING* is deprecated. core master deprecation new major 12/26/10
#1496 Parrot_String-related functions are only available from parrot/parrot.h core 2.1.0 bug new major 03/04/10
#326 win32 Wide API needed . 'make smoke' failed 63 tests. core trunk bug fperrad new major 02/13/09
#236 implement pdd14-numbers core todo dukeleto assigned major 01/27/09
#5 partcl's [puts hi] exposes memory leaks in r33137 core bug reopened major 11/24/08
#364 ptr_alignment 8 not honored, sparc 64bit broken core trunk bug new minor 02/20/09
#505 avoid 2038 bug core todo new minor 03/26/09
#858 HLL exception handling core master todo whiteknight new minor 07/20/09
#2125 rename parrot.h to internals.h or private.h or equivalent core master RFC new minor 05/26/11
#974 Mark publicly exposed functions in src/call/context.c with PARROT_EXPORT tag core master todo whiteknight new minor 09/03/09
#67 Allow user to specify maximum size of GC allocation on command line core feature whiteknight new minor 12/19/08
#659 CONST_STRING in a dynop core 1.1.0 feature new minor 05/11/09
#1448 Modify `throw` opcode to pass through pre-configured resume continuation core master RFC whiteknight assigned minor 02/16/10
#486 When using struct array of size 1 get "Non existent array element in struct: count = 1 max=1" core trunk bug new minor 03/22/09
#923 Make RNG algorithm used by rand dynop pluggable core 1.4.0 bug new minor 08/15/09
#676 Fix namespace pollution core master cage whiteknight new minor 05/17/09
#1754 The Scalar PMC core master deprecation whiteknight assigned minor 08/23/10
#1731 Assumption made about buffer header alignment core 2.6.0 bug Paul C. Anagnostopoulos assigned normal 08/05/10
#1690 Overriding one signature of a multi-method in a subclass prevents access to the other signatures core 2.5.0 bug new normal 06/25/10
#1657 Make it so that Parrot on RTEMS does not call the system exit() core 2.4.0 bug bubaflub new normal 05/25/10
#1542 HLLs sometimes leak into loaded modules core 2.2.0 bug whiteknight new normal 04/04/10
#1492 Get_class <namespace> confuses NSes that have same final name. core 2.1.0 bug whiteknight assigned normal 03/03/10
#1253 [BUG] hash iterator interface changed, needs errata or deprecation notice core 1.7.0 bug new normal 11/09/09
#1201 Parrot::Pmc2c::Emitter line # error core bug new normal 11/05/09
#1173 NCI segfaults with null pcc_params_signature core bug new normal 11/01/09
#1088 Multidispatch 'concatenate_str' does not handle LHS undef core 1.6.0 bug new normal 10/03/09
#1055 t/pmc/complex.t: sinh_of_complex_numbers: some tests fail on Win32 core 1.6.0 bug new normal 09/21/09
#1050 [TODO] [C] Use strerror_r instead of strerror core 1.6.0 bug new normal 09/21/09
#1031 Free()ing of SymReg variables core bug new normal 09/21/09
#1015 clone_p_p segfaults with self-referential Hash pmc. core 1.6.0 bug whiteknight new normal 09/17/09
#943 Real counterparts of some trig functions not defined core 1.5.0 bug Paul C. Anagnostopoulos new normal 08/24/09
#1168 PMC to Float conversion not working as documented core 1.7.0 bug new normal 11/01/09
#899 heredocs in a macro argument broken. core trunk bug new normal 08/02/09
#880 class associated to namespace ["parrot";"Class"] gets overridden core 1.4.0 bug new normal 07/28/09
#879 isa does not take (correctly) namespace, pmcarray,stringarray core 1.4.0 bug new normal 07/28/09
#1487 Object.find_method fails if PIR 'find_method' vtable override returns null core 2.1.0 bug new normal 02/28/10
#867 Implicit NameSpace Creation Does Not Respect Compile-time HLL Map core trunk bug new normal 07/21/09
#848 'spawnw' return value: make it OS-independent core 1.3.0 bug new normal 07/18/09
#816 PMC 'Undef' does not support logical_not core 1.3.0 bug new normal 07/06/09
#806 Test.readdir is not skipped on Win32 even though it appears that it should be core trunk bug new normal 07/03/09
#802 freeze opcode segfaults on working bytecode from Rakudo core 1.3.0 bug whiteknight new normal 07/02/09
#800 Parrot assumes command line arguments are ASCII core 1.3.0 bug chromatic new normal 06/30/09
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