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#1032 Document and test available HLL Mappings docs normal trunk todo new 09/21/09
#1022 PGE::Glob needs docs. docs minor trunk todo new 09/18/09
#971 Add "current" versions of Parrot_pcc_get_foo and Parrot_pcc_set_foo functions core normal trunk todo new 09/03/09
#903 [RFC] Deprecate Keys at all. core normal trunk 2.6 RFC new 08/05/09
#1040 inplace math on subclasses failing (MMD/vtable) none normal trunk bug new 09/21/09
#806 Test.readdir is not skipped on Win32 even though it appears that it should be core normal trunk bug new 07/03/09
#775 Simplify makefile rules on windows. configure major trunk bug new 06/18/09
#560 When we can't find a library, we shouldn't silently continue and give weird errors later core trivial master todo whiteknight assigned 04/17/09
#676 Fix namespace pollution core minor master cage whiteknight new 05/17/09
#858 HLL exception handling core minor master todo whiteknight new 07/20/09
#974 Mark publicly exposed functions in src/call/context.c with PARROT_EXPORT tag core minor master todo whiteknight new 09/03/09
#1284 Integer PMC missing math methods core normal master todo whiteknight assigned 11/17/09
#1356 [TODO] add method FixedStringArray.sort() core normal master RFC whiteknight assigned 12/03/09
#1500 API to tell which opcode group an opcode is in core major master RFC whiteknight new 03/06/10
#1448 Modify `throw` opcode to pass through pre-configured resume continuation core minor master RFC whiteknight assigned 02/16/10
#1754 The Scalar PMC core minor master deprecation whiteknight assigned 08/23/10
#1697 Remove the open and close opcodes core normal master deprecation whiteknight new 06/29/10
#1855 Add UINTPTR type into parrot. core normal master feature new 11/18/10
#1880 Parrot_new should not need to be passed previously-created interps core normal master todo dukeleto new 12/03/10
#1885 Parrot_load_bytecode should only load bytecode core normal master RFC cotto new 12/09/10
#1870 Move OpenGL Bindings to their own project/repo library normal master deprecation whiteknight new 11/24/10
#1650 Parrot needs Date/DateTime Object none normal master todo whiteknight new 05/20/10
#1969 Deprecate Eval PMC core normal master deprecation whiteknight assigned 01/15/11
#1916 Deprecate freeze, thaw, and thawfinish VTABLEs core major master 3.0 deprecation cotto new 12/30/10
#2012 osutils does not play nice with nqp-setting library minor master bug new 02/14/11
#2023 Improve triggering of GC in GMS. GC major master 3.3 todo new 02/20/11
#1906 [DEPRECATED] Passing non-const STRING* is deprecated. core major master 3.9 deprecation new 12/26/10
#1930 t/op/number.t: one test fails under --optimize on Darwin/PPC testing minor master bug new 01/03/11
#2086 dynoplibs test failures on OS X none normal master bug new 04/03/11
#2111 new_s and new_s_i opcodes core trivial master 3.9 deprecation new 05/13/11
#2044 Subclassing FileHandle core normal master bug new 03/08/11
#2113 FileHandle .puts and .print core trivial master cage new 05/17/11
#2114 getprop op is strange core trivial master RFC new 05/18/11
#2112 Improved documentation about NCI docs critical master todo new 05/15/11
#2038 Singleton PMCs are deprecated core trivial master 3.9 deprecation new 03/04/11
#1903 tailcall method invocation pops exception handlers none normal master bug whiteknight new 12/24/10
#2131 pbc_merge discards annotations tools normal master bug dukeleto new 06/10/11
#2133 src/extend.c Review embed/extend normal master RFC whiteknight new 06/13/11
#2128 Ability to build NCI thunks with Distutils library major master todo new 06/01/11
#2138 Deprecate unnecessary NameSpace methods none normal master deprecation new 06/25/11
#2146 Deprecate load_bytecode op core normal master deprecation new 07/09/11
#2135 Parrot_compile_file should take a compiler argument none normal master todo new 06/13/11
#2125 rename parrot.h to internals.h or private.h or equivalent core minor master RFC new 05/26/11
#2160 .git doesn't imply git executable build normal master bug new 07/19/11
#2163 Reconsider IGLOBALS_PBC_LIBS core normal master RFC new 07/23/11
#2155 Additional README Files in Top-Level Directories docs minor master RFC soh_cah_toa new 07/17/11
#2168 Deprecate .file, .line, setline, and setfile imcc normal master deprecation new 08/01/11
#2171 Archive.Zip Errors library normal master bug new 08/04/11
#2165 Coredumping Parrot with only 2 lines of PASM for fun and profit core normal master bug new 07/28/11
#2150 t/library/nciutils.t fails on windows testing critical master bug new 07/12/11
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