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#1724 Add getprotobyname to Socket PMCs core assigned 2.6.0 patch normal nwellnhof 08/27/11
#1969 Deprecate Eval PMC core assigned master deprecation normal whiteknight 10/24/11
#1299 create tests for Config/JSON.pbc testing new todo normal 11/17/09
#1885 Parrot_load_bytecode should only load bytecode core new master RFC normal cotto 08/27/11
#1139 Need tests for invoke_sigobject for Sub subclasses. core new trunk cage normal 10/23/09
#218 change function of get_addr and set_addr core reopened deprecation normal whiteknight 11/18/10
#1805 GC threshold and other values need to be set during configuration GC new 2.8.0 todo normal 11/22/10
#907 refactor Parrot_mmd_sort_candidates core new 1.4.0 deprecation normal 09/17/10
#1032 Document and test available HLL Mappings docs new trunk todo normal 09/21/09
#955 need ability to create tempfile from PIR testing assigned todo normal whiteknight 07/07/11
#1747 Switch shift and pop for reverse iterators core new 2.6.0 RFC normal 08/19/10
#1442 Sub PMC should support getattribute none new 2.0.0 todo normal 03/23/10
#1732 [PATCH] Parrot Configure can't find pod2man and perldoc under a versiononly perl configure new 2.6.0 bug normal 08/27/10
#1787 OS X --m=32 doesn't work in snow leopard configure new trunk bug normal ash 09/21/10
#2144 Deprecate do_sub_pragmas core new 3.5.0 deprecation normal 07/07/11
#1816 Graph images on smolder.parrot.org are corrupted website new 2.8.0 bug normal 10/05/10
#2177 Access system properties configure new 3.6.0 todo normal 08/12/11
#1046 Configure.pl allows sizeof(INTVAL) != sizeof(void *), but parrot requires them to be equal. configure new 1.6.0 bug normal 10/16/10
#1611 t/library/pg.t fails with PostgreSQL 8.4.3 on ubuntu 9.10 testing new 2.3.0 bug normal 08/17/10
#1726 Missing POD in .pmc files (and a couple of others) coding_standards assigned trunk todo normal jkeenan 10/31/10
#1702 Cannot resume dead coroutine none new 2.5.0 bug normal 07/21/10
#1582 NCI_FB_CB and NCI_FB_UD in iglobals core new trunk experimental normal 07/06/11
#1698 Investigate SAFECode none new 2.5.0 cage normal 06/29/10
#1696 Pg.pir should supply error messages library new 2.5.0 todo normal 06/29/10
#1657 Make it so that Parrot on RTEMS does not call the system exit() core new 2.4.0 bug normal bubaflub 03/27/11
#1932 rakudo on parrot RELEASE_2_11_0-656-g27c0799 executes main body twice none new 2.11.0 bug normal 01/07/11
#1253 [BUG] hash iterator interface changed, needs errata or deprecation notice core new 1.7.0 bug normal 10/16/10
#1031 Free()ing of SymReg variables core new bug normal 07/02/11
#1744 load_language "nqp" fails install new 2.6.0 bug normal 08/16/10
#1692 postgres libraries don't work from foreign HLLs library reopened 2.5.0 bug normal 06/28/10
#1727 Rationalize get/set opcodes none new 2.6.0 todo normal 08/02/10
#1693 `make install` doesn't install all files necessary to build Rakudo on Cygwin install new 2.5.0 bug normal 09/07/10
#1691 Look into GCC -flto and -fwhole-program link options none new 2.5.0 experimental normal 06/26/10
#1292 Correct destruction of PackFile objects none new bug normal 11/17/09
#1690 Overriding one signature of a multi-method in a subclass prevents access to the other signatures core new 2.5.0 bug normal 06/25/10
#1190 Replace .globalconst/.const directives by .const/.localconst (respectively) core new trunk RFC normal 07/04/11
#928 Probable edge-condition bug in PBC file generation none new 1.4.0 bug normal 08/16/09
#1024 [CAGE] OpenGL deprecations in Mac OS 10.6 library new 1.6.0 cage normal 07/02/11
#1683 Key clone and set_pmc are broken none new 2.5.0 todo normal 06/19/10
#358 complex NaN core assigned bug normal dukeleto 10/19/11
#1527 Despite pdd15, add_role ignores role attributes none new 2.2.0 bug normal 03/23/10
#1548 [DEPRECATION] new_callback_p_p_p_s core new 2.2.0 deprecation normal 02/26/11
#457 t/dynpmc/os.t has invalid stat() and lstat() tests. testing new bug normal 09/23/10
#1050 [TODO] [C] Use strerror_r instead of strerror core new 1.6.0 bug normal 07/02/11
#1766 n_regs_used in PBC files isn't checked core new trunk bug normal 09/02/10
#559 [doc] POD escape E<> is not handled by HTML generation docs new bug normal 01/30/11
#754 cross-HLL export/import is experimental library reopened trunk experimental normal 06/12/10
#674 [doc] POD escape B<> is not handled in verbatim section docs new 1.1.0 patch normal 01/30/11
#1800 [DEPRECATED] Current behaviour of "timely destruction" is deprecated. GC new 2.9.0 deprecation normal whiteknight 11/24/10
#1302 PIR todo() is frequently misused testing new 1.8.0 bug normal 06/11/11
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