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#2129 pbc_to_exe: missing runtime dependency build new 3.4.0 bug normal 06/16/11
#2178 Parrot lacks a boolean type core new 3.6.0 bug normal 08/24/11
#1581 GC_SYS_NAME option to interpinfo_s_i core new trunk experimental normal 07/06/11
#1161 pdump - Dumping constants shouldn't unpack the constants tools new todo normal dukeleto 02/25/11
#2130 Cannot run examples/library/ncurses_life.pir library new 3.4.0 bug normal bubaflub 06/23/11
#2124 Including extend.h without first including parrot.h blows up in Rakudo embed/extend new master bug normal whiteknight 05/26/11
#1356 [TODO] add method FixedStringArray.sort() core assigned master RFC normal whiteknight 05/26/11
#2138 Deprecate unnecessary NameSpace methods none new master deprecation normal 06/25/11
#1162 Pg NCI Test Makes Unportable Connection testing new bug normal 02/25/11
#1439 pbc_dump: Mark branch targets in -d mode tools new 2.0.0 todo normal 07/09/11
#869 [cage] t/pmc/iterator.t should be removed testing new trunk cage normal 11/05/10
#1559 ExtUtils::Command::cp broken [cpan #56666] none new 2.2.0 patch normal 08/27/10
#899 heredocs in a macro argument broken. core new trunk bug normal 07/02/11
#1438 pbc_dump: Indicate sub/method boundaries in -d mode tools new 2.0.0 todo normal 07/09/11
#987 Make breakpoints actually work in parrot_debugger tools assigned 1.5.0 bug normal Paul C. Anagnostopoulos 03/27/11
#1352 [RFC]: Realtime garbage collector for RTEMS GC new 1.8.0 RFC normal 03/27/11
#1299 create tests for Config/JSON.pbc testing new todo normal 11/17/09
#1516 Allow a build directory to be specified to Configure.pl configure new 2.2.0 feature normal 03/27/11
#971 Add "current" versions of Parrot_pcc_get_foo and Parrot_pcc_set_foo functions core new trunk todo normal 10/26/10
#545 PackFile_unpack followed by PackFile_pack produces wrong results. core new bug normal 02/19/11
#476 Binaries should not contain rpath install reopened 1.0.0 bug normal 02/25/11
#1557 pbc_disassemble fails on large PBCs none new 2.2.0 bug normal 08/27/10
#1340 Parrot may end up calling dlclose() twice with the same handle, ref. t/pmc/threads.t test 14 none new 1.8.0 bug normal 12/01/09
#1082 test subclasses of core PMCS testing new trunk todo normal 09/30/09
#905 [RFC] Deprecate Eval PMC none new 1.4.0 RFC normal 09/11/10
#1870 Move OpenGL Bindings to their own project/repo library new master deprecation normal whiteknight 07/09/11
#883 Use the right PTR2INTVAL() macro, not (INTVAL) for type conversion core new 1.4.0 cage normal 12/06/10
#1071 Intermittent failure with t/pmc/os.t test 9 testing new trunk bug normal 09/20/10
#1342 [RFC] make a test_core.pir that tests which are part of coretest use, instead of test_more.pir testing new 1.8.0 bug normal 12/02/09
#2028 pcre is deprecated configure new 3.1.0 deprecation normal 02/23/11
#1168 PMC to Float conversion not working as documented core new 1.7.0 bug normal 11/01/09
#943 Real counterparts of some trig functions not defined core new 1.5.0 bug normal Paul C. Anagnostopoulos 09/16/10
#1697 Remove the open and close opcodes core new master deprecation normal whiteknight 08/23/11
#1157 Whitespace before/after the dot in a methodcall is disallowed none new 1.6.0 todo normal 12/05/10
#1177 test buffer_size in t/pmc/parrotio.t testing new 1.7.0 todo normal 02/25/11
#1288 Limit the required interface for PMCs none new trunk bug normal 11/17/09
#1710 [BUG] exit of a Coroutine affects all of its sister clones none new 2.5.0 bug normal 07/22/10
#1178 Test get_fd in t/pmc/parrotio.t testing new 1.7.0 todo normal 02/25/11
#1088 Multidispatch 'concatenate_str' does not handle LHS undef core new 1.6.0 bug normal 10/03/09
#203 assign_pmc broken for pir subclasses? core new bug normal 07/21/09
#867 Implicit NameSpace Creation Does Not Respect Compile-time HLL Map core new trunk bug normal 07/21/09
#1525 improved NCI/FFI none new roadmap normal 04/06/10
#1641 iseq does not support the same type of operands as the math operators imcc new 2.3.0 RFC normal 05/15/10
#907 refactor Parrot_mmd_sort_candidates core new 1.4.0 deprecation normal 09/17/10
#1747 Switch shift and pop for reverse iterators core new 2.6.0 RFC normal 08/19/10
#1442 Sub PMC should support getattribute none new 2.0.0 todo normal 03/23/10
#1046 Configure.pl allows sizeof(INTVAL) != sizeof(void *), but parrot requires them to be equal. configure new 1.6.0 bug normal 10/16/10
#1253 [BUG] hash iterator interface changed, needs errata or deprecation notice core new 1.7.0 bug normal 10/16/10
#1031 Free()ing of SymReg variables core new bug normal 07/02/11
#1292 Correct destruction of PackFile objects none new bug normal 11/17/09
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