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#1831 config problem with glui library on ubuntu 10.04 configure new trunk bug normal 10/16/10
#816 PMC 'Undef' does not support logical_not core new 1.3.0 bug normal 09/14/09
#1212 .eof returns false if last read call read the last byte of the file, but not beyond core new RFC normal cotto 02/25/11
#706 Out of mem (PASM, compreg, invokecc) core new trunk bug normal 09/08/10
#1662 Should NameSpace entries be available through a hash-like interface? core new 2.4.0 RFC normal 07/06/11
#1471 http://www.parrot.org/dev/examples doesn't use color coding. website new 2.1.0 bug normal 02/19/10
#1074 Parrot fails to build with gcc when using --optimize on OpenSolaris configure new 1.6.0 bug normal 04/20/10
#1192 [RFE] Redesign Parrot NCI callback functionality none new 1.7.0 feature normal 07/02/11
#339 msvc+mingw detection configure new trunk todo normal 03/02/10
#1769 Getting get_integer() not implemented in class 'XXXXX' when using "morph" none reopened 2.4.0 bug normal 09/05/10
#650 Pmc2c requires major refactoring. build new 1.1.0 cage normal 03/28/11
#1618 t/oo/metamodel.t: implement todo-ed item: tail attribute type core new 2.3.0 todo normal 05/08/10
#1554 [DEPRECATION] ManagedStruct automatic resize on shape change none new 2.2.0 deprecation normal 04/12/10
#1389 [LHF] Add tests for Plumage's Util.nqp plumage new 1.9.0 todo normal japhb 12/26/09
#1228 src/pmc/integer.c: Implement Complex and BigInt RHS values for the pow() functions core new 1.7.0 todo normal 11/07/09
#1229 src/pmc/fixedpmcarray.pmc: get_repr() should use freeze/thaw core new 1.7.0 todo normal 11/07/09
#792 Bug in subroutine calling conventions core new 1.0.0 bug normal 04/20/10
#1617 t/library/p6object.t: implement todo-ed item: ResizablePMCArray_obj library new 2.3.0 todo normal 05/08/10
#304 Some files copyright Melvin Smith none new bug normal allison 07/27/10
#1615 t/pmc/class.t: implement todo-ed item: classes and methods core new 2.3.0 todo normal 05/10/10
#1275 failure with eq_num op in t/op/comp.t with g++ 4.4.1 --optimized build testing new trunk bug normal mikehh 09/20/10
#1052 [TODO] Add --target=pbc to HLLCompiler PCT new 1.6.0 todo normal bacek 02/01/11
#2172 Archive.Zip : missing convenient method to unpack archive library new 3.6.0 bug normal 08/09/11
#1795 pcre_compile picked wrong function signature letter. library new 2.7.0 bug normal 09/21/10
#1627 tests for Test::More::done_testing testing new 2.3.0 todo normal 05/10/10
#285 cmp/bitwise/other mmd vtable functions should not go through proxy pmc core new bug normal 07/03/11
#1318 ./t/pmc/complex.t: Can SKIP-ped tests be unskipped? testing new 1.8.0 todo normal 12/02/09
#2086 dynoplibs test failures on OS X none new master bug normal 04/04/11
#253 warn on possibly conflicting opengl headers configure new trunk cage normal 03/02/10
#1631 Exception handler throwing exception in NQP-rx causes segfault nqp assigned trunk bug normal pmichaud 07/13/10
#1359 [RFC] Merge freeze/thaw with PBC core new 1.8.0 RFC normal plobsing 01/25/10
#1391 [TODO] Generate per-parrot-build GUID/UUID, stored in e.g. interpinfo build new 1.9.0 todo normal 12/23/09
#1476 t/compilers/pct/past.t: Complete desired tests testing new 2.1.0 todo normal 06/11/10
#1158 t/op/01-parse_ops.t: figure out how to test parsing of pmc constant parameters testing new todo normal 02/25/11
#2085 Eliminate reliance during build on 'tempdir' in config settings configure new 3.2.0 bug normal 04/02/11
#850 Handle loadlib and libraries with '.' in the name library new 1.3.0 patch normal whiteknight 01/25/10
#1181 make cover doesn't show coverage of *.ops files. testing new cage normal 12/06/09
#1565 [DEPRECATION] NCI signatures none new 2.2.0 deprecation normal 04/20/10
#1486 rewrite examples/ to use hierarchical namespaces instead of flat ::-style none new trunk bug normal 02/28/10
#1485 runtime/parrot/library/SDL/*.pir bitrot library new trunk bug normal 02/28/10
#1015 clone_p_p segfaults with self-referential Hash pmc. core new 1.6.0 bug normal whiteknight 02/25/11
#1553 [DEPRECATION] UnManagedStruct get_integer, set_integer_native none new 2.2.0 bug normal 04/12/10
#1040 inplace math on subclasses failing (MMD/vtable) none new trunk bug normal 03/23/10
#1532 Dynloadable runcores core new 2.2.0 feature normal 01/31/11
#1378 Hash or by-string interface to interp object / interpinfo / sysinfo none new 1.9.0 feature normal cotto 12/23/09
#1254 Update PIR Book with new (post 1.4.0) HashIteratorKey Syntax and Semantics docs new 1.7.0 bug normal 10/16/10
#1202 build - header file detection w/o perl5 configure new bug normal 09/20/10
#1552 [DEPRECATION] UnManagedStruct initializer structure none new 2.2.0 bug normal 03/27/11
#1422 t/perl/Parrot_IO.t: 'not modified_since' test failing on some Win32 and Cygwin testing new 2.0.0 bug normal 02/06/10
#1416 Unreasonably painful to add a method to all *Array PMCs core new 2.0.0 RFC normal 02/02/10
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