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#1196 'parrot foo' automatically finds and invokes foo.pbc none new RFC normal 02/25/11
#1306 Various failures on bogus string used as argname (1.7) none new 1.7.0 bug normal 11/18/09
#1239 configuration: define MIN/MAX macros for all integral typedefs none new 1.7.0 cage normal 11/08/09
#1240 Explicitly clearing to be RO? none new 1.7.0 todo normal 11/08/09
#1241 implementation of is_docs_link() needs more thought none new 1.7.0 todo normal 11/08/09
#1205 Test exporting MMD subroutines in t/pmc/exporter.t testing new 1.7.0 todo normal 02/25/11
#1238 SDL tests none new 1.7.0 todo normal 11/08/09
#1160 t/compilers/tge/grammar.t: failure in 'two rules of the same name' testing new 1.6.0 todo normal 07/03/11
#1664 OS PMC should use stat.pasm equivalent indices for stat buffer none new 2.4.0 bug normal 05/28/10
#1018 pir compiler must be reentrant imcc new bug normal 05/10/10
#1188 [RFC] Modify build directories to more closely match the install directories build new 1.7.0 RFC normal 02/25/11
#1251 handle ARM mixed-endian doubles core new 1.7.0 todo normal 09/20/10
#1718 `NameSpace.add_sub($name, &sub)` does not honor given name for methods none new 2.5.0 bug normal 07/25/10
#1480 Preprocessing using parrot -E fails none new 2.1.0 bug normal 05/14/10
#1161 pdump - Dumping constants shouldn't unpack the constants tools new todo normal dukeleto 02/25/11
#1516 Allow a build directory to be specified to Configure.pl configure new 2.2.0 feature normal 03/27/11
#971 Add "current" versions of Parrot_pcc_get_foo and Parrot_pcc_set_foo functions core new trunk todo normal 10/26/10
#1929 incorrect null-return from method calls core new 2.11.0 bug normal 08/27/11
#1644 [RFC] Text format serializer for PASM/PIR constants imcc new 2.3.0 RFC normal 08/27/11
#1033 no args checking for a sub without params imcc new trunk RFC normal 08/27/11
#802 freeze opcode segfaults on working bytecode from Rakudo core new 1.3.0 bug normal whiteknight 08/27/11
#1765 Memory leak in allocate_interpreter core reopened trunk bug normal bluescreen 08/27/11
#2201 This product has only a moose, not a pony none assigned 3.8.0 bug normal petdance 10/25/11
#1491 mk_language_shell.pl and create_language.pl cause confusion tools new 2.1.0 bug normal dukeleto 08/03/11
#2135 Parrot_compile_file should take a compiler argument none new master todo normal 06/13/11
#781 [CAGE] Copyedit docs/user/pir/* docs new 1.3.0 cage normal 07/21/09
#2167 Storable format breaks pmc2c when Perl is upgraded pmc2c new 3.6.0 RFC normal 08/08/11
#2186 Add 6model to Parrot core new branch experimental normal whiteknight 08/27/11
#2168 Deprecate .file, .line, setline, and setfile imcc new master deprecation normal 08/01/11
#545 PackFile_unpack followed by PackFile_pack produces wrong results. core new bug normal 02/19/11
#2153 Memory leak in compile_file functions imcc new 3.5.0 bug normal 07/30/11
#2166 pbc_disassemble with no arguments is not useful tools new 3.6.0 bug normal 08/17/11
#476 Binaries should not contain rpath install reopened 1.0.0 bug normal 02/25/11
#2165 Coredumping Parrot with only 2 lines of PASM for fun and profit core new master bug normal 08/12/11
#848 'spawnw' return value: make it OS-independent core new 1.3.0 bug normal 07/18/09
#1055 t/pmc/complex.t: sinh_of_complex_numbers: some tests fail on Win32 core new 1.6.0 bug normal 09/24/10
#1557 pbc_disassemble fails on large PBCs none new 2.2.0 bug normal 08/27/10
#2146 Deprecate load_bytecode op core new master deprecation normal 07/26/11
#847 Interpreter - 'exec' and 'spawn' should split own args core new 1.3.0 todo normal 07/02/11
#2163 Reconsider IGLOBALS_PBC_LIBS core new master RFC normal 07/26/11
#1340 Parrot may end up calling dlclose() twice with the same handle, ref. t/pmc/threads.t test 14 none new 1.8.0 bug normal 12/01/09
#2160 .git doesn't imply git executable build new master bug normal 07/20/11
#1078 Parrot goes into infinite loop when attempting to test exceptions with throws_like() testing new 1.6.0 bug normal 11/07/09
#1645 Request for another overload to 'not' opcode. none new 2.3.0 RFC normal 11/20/11
#2157 FileHandles aren't flushed and closed on program exit core new 3.5.0 bug normal 07/18/11
#1424 Parrot will not parse PIR missing newline at EOF imcc new 2.0.0 bug normal plobsing 07/18/11
#1082 test subclasses of core PMCS testing new trunk todo normal 09/30/09
#2126 Parrot_PMC_morph acting odd embed/extend new 3.4.0 bug normal whiteknight 05/28/11
#1201 Parrot::Pmc2c::Emitter line # error core new bug normal 02/25/11
#905 [RFC] Deprecate Eval PMC none new 1.4.0 RFC normal 09/11/10
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