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#1870 Move OpenGL Bindings to their own project/repo library new master deprecation normal whiteknight 07/09/11
#883 Use the right PTR2INTVAL() macro, not (INTVAL) for type conversion core new 1.4.0 cage normal 12/06/10
#2110 mingw build fails while building opsc build new 3.3.0 bug normal 05/13/11
#946 Order-of-destruction error with Scheduler PMC GC new 1.5.0 bug normal 02/01/11
#1978 possible problem with g++ --optimize (t/pmc/float.t failure) build reopened 3.0.0 bug normal 04/28/11
#1071 Intermittent failure with t/pmc/os.t test 9 testing new trunk bug normal 09/20/10
#1735 Pmc2c line numbering confuses gdb tools new 2.6.0 bug normal dukeleto 11/20/11
#1112 Subject: Draft Parrot Book chapters no longer available on docs.parrot.org docs new 1.6.0 bug normal 01/30/11
#2109 Can't find asm/errno.h build new 3.3.0 bug normal 05/12/11
#1087 Various tests fail on DragonFly/amd64 testing new trunk bug normal 11/15/11
#2024 t/library/pcre.t: Not honoring '--without-pcre' configuration flag testing new 3.1.0 bug normal 02/22/11
#2103 cmp_pmc not working in extend_vtable core new 3.2.0 bug normal 06/25/11
#1342 [RFC] make a test_core.pir that tests which are part of coretest use, instead of test_more.pir testing new 1.8.0 bug normal 12/02/09
#1971 Oplib paths are truncated in PBC files tools new trunk bug normal dukeleto 05/22/11
#2048 cmp_pmc vtable acting wonky embed/extend new 3.1.0 bug normal whiteknight 11/20/11
#709 Pmc2c should generate mark and destroy VTABLES core new 1.2.0 todo normal cotto 02/14/11
#1828 Wanted: A User Tool For Handling Parrot Installations install new 2.8.0 feature normal 05/22/11
#748 memory leak in IMCC imcc new trunk bug normal chromatic 03/03/11
#2028 pcre is deprecated configure new 3.1.0 deprecation normal 02/23/11
#1168 PMC to Float conversion not working as documented core new 1.7.0 bug normal 11/01/09
#707 [RFC] StringHandle interface core assigned 1.2.0 RFC normal NotFound 01/15/11
#260 Build error on windows 2008 server build new bug normal 01/26/11
#2202 PLEASE NO, LET TRAC BE READ-ONLY!!!! none new 3.8.0 bug normal 01/12/12
#88 update pdd26-ast docs new todo normal pmichaud 05/20/11
#1226 Increase code coverage of json library new 1.7.0 todo normal dukeleto 02/25/11
#1165 need ability to dispatch to parent's method or vtable from PIR none new RFC normal allison 02/14/11
#1961 [DEPRECATED] X-to-Y native pbcs none new 2.11.0 deprecation normal 01/14/11
#1056 inter::progs ought to be smarter about finding linker configure new 1.6.0 patch normal 09/21/09
#1332 change get_string on FPA, RPA (et al?) none new feature normal 01/14/11
#879 isa does not take (correctly) namespace, pmcarray,stringarray core new 1.4.0 bug normal 07/28/09
#2045 How about generating man pages for downstream packaging? docs new 3.1.0 feature normal 03/08/11
#2044 Subclassing FileHandle core new master bug normal 03/08/11
#1962 :instanceof('Foo') is untested imcc new 2.11.0 todo normal 05/24/11
#540 installed versions of dynext/*.so still link to -lparrot in build directory install reopened bug normal jkeenan 05/23/11
#1284 Integer PMC missing math methods core assigned master todo normal whiteknight 05/16/11
#943 Real counterparts of some trig functions not defined core new 1.5.0 bug normal Paul C. Anagnostopoulos 09/16/10
#1156 add_sub should append to a MultSub none new 1.6.0 RFC normal 10/28/09
#1290 Produce Single PBC from Multiple PIR Files with -o core new feature normal 05/23/11
#2039 Failures in uploading to Smolder none new 3.1.0 bug normal 03/05/11
#1155 dynext - dll versioning none new todo normal 10/28/09
#2181 Bug in HashIteratorKey .value method when used with LexPad PMC core new 3.7.0 bug normal 08/18/11
#1697 Remove the open and close opcodes core new master deprecation normal whiteknight 08/23/11
#1157 Whitespace before/after the dot in a methodcall is disallowed none new 1.6.0 todo normal 12/05/10
#1154 Handle Pending Events More Frequently none new trunk todo normal 10/28/09
#800 Parrot assumes command line arguments are ASCII core new 1.3.0 bug normal chromatic 02/21/11
#774 deprecate PMC multiple inheritance pmc2c new 1.2.0 RFC normal cotto 12/02/10
#1381 Parrot-based project skeleton creation script tools new 1.9.0 feature normal dukeleto 05/22/11
#1328 announce next release when announcing current release docs new todo normal 11/23/09
#555 perldoc detection fails if build runs as root configure reopened 1.0.0 bug normal 06/16/09
#1175 Get external Perl5 modules out of the parrot repo configure new 1.7.0 cage normal 12/01/10
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