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#1514 NQP-rx doesn't check storage mode for contextuals nqp closed invalid 2.2.0 bug normal pmichaud 10/19/11
#1503 quote_delimited action misbehaves with single non-string quote_atom nqp closed noreply 2.1.0 bug normal pmichaud 10/19/11
#1464 NQP-rx doesn't handle bare "return" from nested block correctly. nqp closed invalid 2.1.0 bug normal pmichaud 10/19/11
#1013 'undef' bareword shouldn't parse, but does nqp closed wontfix 1.6.0 bug normal pmichaud 10/19/11
#1734 PCT::Compiler should null temporaries when they are no longer needed PCT closed wontfix 2.6.0 bug normal pmichaud 10/19/11
#366 [PATCH] --target=parse/past/post does not dump in -e mode PCT closed fixed 0.9.1 patch normal pmichaud 10/19/11
#893 Rebuild dependencies in makefile build closed wontfix 1.4.0 cage normal petdance 10/19/11
#1648 Look at using restrict keyword on pointers build closed done 2.3.0 cage normal petdance 10/19/11
#2184 Remove Changelog docs closed fixed master bug trivial coke 10/19/11
#2120 We need sorting benchmarks tools closed noreply 3.4.0 todo major dukeleto 10/19/11
#911 Tests for macro_local core closed noreply 1.4.0 bug normal dukeleto 10/19/11
#2099 Automate more of the release manager process tools closed noreply master todo major dukeleto 10/19/11
#491 Use longopts in parrot debugger tools closed wontfix patch trivial dukeleto 10/19/11
#954 Inf/NaN from ieee754-2008 core closed wontfix 1.5.0 RFC normal dukeleto 10/19/11
#2192 Parrot_cx_scheduler_sleep is wrong in the no threads case core closed fixed 3.7.0 bug normal NotFound 09/27/11
#2191 Problems with IMCCompiler PMC imcc closed fixed master bug normal 09/11/11
#2136 libffi not detected when configured with clang configure closed invalid master bug normal 09/06/11
#1895 [DEPRECATED] difference between :load and :init Sub flags imcc closed invalid master deprecation normal whiteknight 09/06/11
#2190 Typos none closed fixed master patch normal 09/06/11
#1991 simplify 'new_callback' op none closed wontfix 3.0.0 RFC normal 09/03/11
#2189 t/library/yaml_tiny.t: new test failure library closed fixed 3.7.0 bug normal 09/03/11
#1926 continuation method of Continuation PMC core closed fixed 2.11.0 bug normal plobsing 09/02/11
#1904 [DEPRECATED] assign on FPA core closed done deprecation normal 09/02/11
#2188 Missing path in exception stack trace none closed fixed 3.7.0 bug normal 09/02/11
#630 src/dynext.c uses STRING's ->strstart core closed fixed 1.1.0 bug normal nwellnhof 08/27/11
#1199 automatically create config.log during build configure closed wontfix RFC normal Yuki`N 08/27/11
#2185 "nmake release" fails on windows none closed fixed master bug minor coke 08/26/11
#2183 sha256 problem encountered during 'make release' install closed fixed 3.7.0 bug normal jkeenan 08/23/11
#2182 argument assertion failure when quitting parrot_debugger tools closed fixed master bug normal 08/18/11
#2161 Whitespace confusion in PCT docs docs closed fixed master bug normal jkeenan 08/17/11
#2010 add write barrier to all PMCs that write in unusual VTABLE functions core closed fixed 3.0.0 deprecation normal 08/14/11
#2156 Relocate Python Scripts in "blib" Directory library closed wontfix master RFC trivial soh_cah_toa 08/12/11
#2175 method backtrace_strings in PMC Exception not documented core closed fixed 3.6.0 bug normal whiteknight 08/12/11
#2176 tests incorrectly skipped on windows. none closed fixed master bug normal 08/11/11
#2007 documentation now links offsite docs closed fixed 3.0.0 bug normal jkeenan 08/09/11
#2008 [PCT] Patch/feature request: No pop_eh in try PAST::Op PCT closed wontfix 3.0.0 patch normal pmichaud 08/04/11
#2096 t/dynoplibs/debug.t: fails one test on some Darwin testing closed fixed 3.2.0 bug normal jkeenan 08/02/11
#2169 tools/dev/parrot_api.pl: What is this program meant to do? Do we still need it? tools closed fixed 3.6.0 cage minor dukeleto 08/02/11
#1151 Exception thrown from constructor leads to oddness none closed duplicate trunk bug normal 07/27/11
#2154 Add mem_sys_strndup() function imcc closed done 3.5.0 RFC normal 07/27/11
#2158 Appending error messages to IMCC error_message imcc closed done 3.5.0 patch normal 07/27/11
#1047 pf_items assumes sizeof(INTVAL) == sizeof(opcode_t) configure closed fixed 1.6.0 cage normal jkeenan 07/26/11
#849 OS.pmc - update file times core closed wontfix 1.3.0 todo normal jkeenan 07/24/11
#1879 Deprecate Parrot_compreg none closed fixed master deprecation normal whiteknight 07/23/11
#1640 Method names that start with '@' are not recognized. imcc closed fixed 2.3.0 bug major 07/20/11
#1919 Removal of dead functions in src/packfile/api.c core closed fixed 2.10.0 deprecation normal 07/19/11
#1688 Internal assertion triggered when writing trivial code. core closed fixed 2.5.0 bug major 07/16/11
#2151 Memory leak on imcc_compile_buffer_safe() function imcc closed fixed master bug normal 07/15/11
#920 parrotbug should provide more guidance when it finishes tools closed fixed 1.4.0 bug normal jkeenan 07/14/11
#2152 t/pmc/string.t, t/library/streams.t: new test failures core closed fixed 3.5.0 bug major 07/14/11
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