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#1388 pirc does not build with C++ pirc closed wontfix 1.9.0 bug normal kjs 11/28/10
#1387 need --maintainer option for pirc pirc closed wontfix trunk bug normal kjs 11/28/10
#1146 same code works on windows, not on mac pirc closed wontfix 1.6.0 bug normal kjs 11/28/10
#576 Add a configure step, --pirc pirc closed wontfix RFC normal cotto 11/28/10
#229 invoke build process of PIRC from main makefile pirc closed wontfix todo normal kjs 11/28/10
#172 get rid of C-strings for STRING_TYPE constants in PIRC pirc closed wontfix todo normal kjs 11/28/10
#163 implement keyed multi types pirc closed wontfix todo normal kjs 11/28/10
#55 decorate all function parameters with ARGIN etc. pirc closed wontfix todo minor kjs 11/28/10
#42 make PIRC load-on-demand component pirc closed wontfix todo minor kjs 11/28/10
#17 Test all grammar rules of PIRC pirc closed wontfix todo normal kjs 11/28/10
#16 fix memory leaks in pirc pirc closed wontfix todo normal kjs 11/28/10
#14 fix braced arguments + nested macro expansion pirc closed wontfix todo normal kjs 11/28/10
#12 Task list for completing PIRC pirc closed wontfix todo normal kjs 11/28/10
#556 setref on derived pmc aggregate class loses data on return core closed invalid trunk bug major kjs 11/28/10
#890 build failed on intel mac osx 10.5 build closed fixed 1.4.0 bug normal 11/28/10
#1111 cannot build on OSX/intel with --optimize none closed fixed 1.6.0 bug normal 11/28/10
#1597 add "provides" for sub/eval/multisub/etc. none closed done trunk bug normal 11/25/10
#1629 find_codepoint experimental op none closed fixed 2.3.0 experimental normal 11/24/10
#149 Add capability for trying different library names to DBDI::SQLite3 library closed invalid patch normal whiteknight 11/23/10
#1450 Improve handling of experimental features none closed worksforme RFC normal 11/23/10
#548 Error handling in socket system core closed invalid RFC normal 11/23/10
#1822 get_bool VTABLE not defined on a SockAddr core closed fixed 2.8.0 RFC normal 11/23/10
#1633 CodeString PMC deprecated none closed done deprecation normal 11/22/10
#866 DEPRECATE (after review) the *bigint*, pow* and nextkey_keyed VTABLE functions core closed done 1.3.0 RFC normal 11/22/10
#1770 Boolean PMC without Integer core closed fixed 2.6.0 RFC normal Paul C. Anagnostopoulos 11/22/10
#300 Bad .get_results in a exception handler gives infinite recursion core closed invalid bug normal 11/22/10
#299 Access attributes of PMC from derived pir classes core closed wontfix patch normal 11/22/10
#194 Review overriddable vtable interfaces core closed wontfix RFC normal whiteknight 11/22/10
#1193 Setting PMC to NULL STRING none closed done 1.7.0 RFC normal 11/22/10
#1832 Build error none closed done 2.6.0 bug normal 11/22/10
#1606 [DEPRECATION] String.lower() none closed done 2.3.0 deprecation normal NotFound 11/22/10
#642 voting system for parrot foundation website closed invalid todo normal 11/22/10
#628 Win64 build fails with 64-bit CL build closed fixed 1.1.0 bug normal 11/22/10
#581 make segfaults with PGE.pbc on fedora (r38365) core closed worksforme bug normal Infinoid 11/22/10
#1076 Smoking Git Branches testing closed done 1.6.0 bug minor 11/22/10
#938 Parrot svn could use a trusted-root-signed-cert website closed wontfix todo minor particle 11/22/10
#993 attempt to access code outside of current code segment in vtable init death core closed duplicate 1.5.0 bug normal whiteknight 11/21/10
#909 Difficulty subclassing through P6metaclass when subclass and parent have the same name. none closed duplicate 1.4.0 bug normal whiteknight 11/21/10
#827 command line arg to specify maximum memory allocation GC closed duplicate RFC normal whiteknight 11/21/10
#467 find_method op should get sub pmc for pmclass method core closed fixed todo normal whiteknight 11/21/10
#1622 [DEPRECATED] :unique_reg flag imcc closed done 2.3.0 deprecation normal 11/20/10
#1624 [DEPRECATED] .meth_call imcc closed fixed 2.3.0 deprecation normal 11/18/10
#1623 [DEPRECATED] .nci_call imcc closed done 2.3.0 deprecation normal 11/18/10
#104 interpinfo.pasm constants don't match docs in core.ops docs closed fixed bug minor 11/18/10
#1856 Build error in 2.10.1 none closed fixed 2.10.0 bug blocker 11/18/10
#1642 [DEPRECATION] ops which modify registers that are not their direct arguments core closed done 2.3.0 deprecation normal 11/17/10
#1643 [DEPRECATION] exchange op core closed done 2.3.0 deprecation normal 11/17/10
#1829 Recent changes impeded building and testing on smaller boxes build closed fixed 2.8.0 bug normal 11/16/10
#1789 String concatenation is really slow core closed fixed 2.7.0 bug normal 11/16/10
#1415 parrot macport for 2.0.0 install closed fixed 2.0.0 todo major jkeenan 11/15/10
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