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#374 Parrot_store_global_s: Use HLL root namespace if str_key is NULL. core closed wontfix trunk patch normal 08/18/10
#1174 Disallow .local declarations in long-style call statement none closed wontfix RFC normal 08/18/10
#1319 Convert Squaak to nqp-rx language closed fixed 1.8.0 todo normal fperrad 08/17/10
#1730 Languages page on Website needs updating website closed fixed bug normal 08/17/10
#1733 calling convention broken core closed fixed 2.6.0 bug normal 08/13/10
#1738 Improve documentation of PARROT_ERRORS_*_FLAG docs closed fixed 2.6.0 cage normal Paul C. Anagnostopoulos 08/13/10
#332 icc-10.0 32bit imcc crash core closed worksforme bug normal 08/13/10
#1660 Deprecate Parrot_find_global_s and Parrot_store_global_s none closed fixed 2.4.0 deprecation normal Paul C. Anagnostopoulos 08/12/10
#1663 Mixture of dyn opcodes core closed fixed 2.4.0 bug critical plobsing 08/11/10
#1402 Deprecate mem_internal_*alloc functions. core closed fixed trunk cage normal Paul C. Anagnostopoulos 08/09/10
#1715 pprof2cg.pl not installed install closed fixed 2.5.0 bug normal jkeenan 08/08/10
#1729 Website needs an obvious link to parrot-users mailing list page website closed fixed bug normal coke 08/05/10
#1728 Add more signatures for for PAST op types. PCT closed fixed trunk patch normal pmichaud 08/05/10
#1717 Parrot compilation fails on './miniparrot config_lib.pir' when there are non-ascii characters in the build path (pwd). build closed fixed trunk bug normal NotFound 07/29/10
#1127 profiling core shows incorrect filenames. none closed fixed bug normal cotto 07/29/10
#1714 in OSX snow leopard, Configure.pl stops on step#29 auto::va_ptr configure closed fixed 2.5.0 bug normal 07/24/10
#509 tools/dev/install_files.pl did not care about symlinks install closed fixed 1.0.0 todo major jkeenan 07/22/10
#1711 unreadable footer on docs.parrot.org docs closed fixed 2.5.0 bug normal smash 07/22/10
#1708 ParrotThread PMC experimental none closed invalid 2.5.0 experimental normal 07/20/10
#1709 Task PMC experimental none closed invalid experimental normal 07/20/10
#1703 IMCC doesn't generate get_params op for argless subs. imcc closed duplicate trunk bug normal 07/07/10
#1131 segfault in Parrot_assign_p_p after merge of pcc branch. none closed fixed trunk bug normal 07/03/10
#324 Write function documentation docs closed fixed cage normal jkeenan 07/01/10
#888 [BUG]parrot make failed with chinese TEMP PATH none closed fixed 1.4.0 bug normal jimmy 06/26/10
#812 PCT - PAST::Op::lvalue() is redundant PCT closed fixed 1.3.0 bug normal pmichaud 06/25/10
#1478 t/pmc/iterator.t: split test testing closed invalid 2.1.0 todo minor bacek 06/22/10
#1685 Fix for #389 broke examples/pir/make_hello_pbc.pir core closed fixed trunk bug normal 06/22/10
#1684 examples/pir/*.pir aren't executed during make fulltest. testing closed fixed trunk cage major 06/22/10
#1667 t/op/sprintf2.t: Misleading documentation testing closed fixed 2.4.0 bug minor dukeleto 06/17/10
#1680 t/steps/gen/opengl-01.t: Tests for verbose output fail when OpenGL not present configure closed fixed 2.4.0 bug normal jkeenan 06/15/10
#1258 Method cache not always invalidated core closed wontfix 1.7.0 todo normal jkeenan 06/15/10
#1593 parrot puts an invalid value in a register when vtable override does not return as expected none closed fixed 2.3.0 bug normal 06/15/10
#1659 FileHandle objects don't honour timely destruction none closed fixed 2.4.0 bug normal 06/15/10
#1483 optimization for mixed_cs_index core closed fixed 2.1.0 patch normal 06/15/10
#626 parrot_config with multiple options, bad output none closed fixed trunk bug normal 06/14/10
#712 Some changes are needed to the install system so that Parrot installs in a fashion that's useable by Rakudo install closed fixed trunk patch normal 06/14/10
#1115 show results of expressions in HLLCompiler based repls (again) PCT closed fixed trunk feature normal pmichaud 06/14/10
#1670 t/library/lwp.t fails after parallel build none closed fixed 2.4.0 bug normal 06/14/10
#1678 t/pir/macro.t: test 'basic macro with argument' fails on Darwin/PPC testing closed fixed 2.4.0 bug normal 06/14/10
#1671 Can't encode strings with non-ASCII characters in them none closed wontfix 2.4.0 bug normal 06/13/10
#1260 bitwise ops and VTABLE functions core closed fixed 1.7.0 deprecation normal 06/13/10
#1068 Rename test files whose names are too similar testing closed fixed 1.6.0 todo trivial jkeenan 06/13/10
#741 PIR line numbers in backtraces are substantially wrong. core closed invalid 1.2.0 bug normal 06/13/10
#1051 [TODO] NQP should report use of undeclared variable nqp closed invalid 1.6.0 todo normal pmichaud 06/13/10
#1668 NQP: Problem with arrays when unshifting/pushing nqp closed fixed 2.3.0 bug normal pmichaud 06/13/10
#949 Make tools/dev/mk_manifest_and_skip.pl work with git svn tools closed wontfix 1.5.0 bug trivial dukeleto 06/13/10
#1025 PASM Registers limited to 2 digits. none closed fixed RFC minor 06/13/10
#989 t/compilers/tge/grammar.t: FAIL under 'make test', but passes with 'prove': Darwin testing closed wontfix 1.5.0 bug normal 06/13/10
#534 Get rid of PARROT_NET_DEVEL core closed fixed todo minor whiteknight 06/13/10
#1301 Update RT references in repository/wiki docs closed fixed todo normal 06/13/10
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