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#1953 platform/generic/env.c incorrectly frees string passed to putenv() testing closed fixed 2.11.0 bug normal jkeenan 01/13/11
#1925 remove config step auto::jit configure closed fixed 2.11.0 RFC normal jkeenan 01/13/11
#1957 Configure.pl ignores argument given to --optimize configure closed fixed 2.11.0 bug normal jkeenan 01/13/11
#379 Generate POSIX errno Constants configure closed wontfix RFC normal whiteknight 01/13/11
#1956 Confused test 2 in t/src/misc.t none closed fixed 2.11.0 bug normal NotFound 01/12/11
#1271 Ability to spawn Parrot processes from PIR in tests testing closed fixed 1.7.0 RFC normal dukeleto 01/12/11
#1949 Remove C++ style comments in pbc_to_exe.pir none closed fixed 2.11.0 bug normal 01/11/11
#804 Avoid entering inner runloop when catching a exception thrown from C with a pir handler core closed fixed 1.3.0 RFC normal NotFound 01/11/11
#1406 get_results opcode used to fetch exception object none closed wontfix 1.9.0 deprecation normal whiteknight 01/11/11
#944 Exception handling in top-level main function is broken. core closed fixed trunk bug normal 01/11/11
#1455 Exception 'birthtime' attribute not accessible none closed fixed 2.0.0 cage normal 01/11/11
#1780 Using StringHandle for STDERR can cause segfaults none closed fixed 2.7.0 bug normal whiteknight 01/11/11
#552 Evaluate all hack-identifying comments in source code tools closed fixed bug normal dukeleto 01/10/11
#1091 ExceptionHandlers should be Subs core closed wontfix 1.6.0 deprecation normal 01/10/11
#1940 set_pmc segfaults in BigInt none closed fixed 2.11.0 bug major 01/09/11
#1939 darwin: installed parrot linking to build directory install closed duplicate 2.11.0 bug normal 01/08/11
#1938 rakudo on parrot RELEASE_2_11_0-777-gef82f5c segfaults on role related tests none closed fixed 2.11.0 bug normal 01/08/11
#1038 Convert Digest::MD5 to object-based implementation none closed fixed trunk todo minor 01/07/11
#749 [CAGE] factor Packfile_unpack into validation and unpacking functions core closed fixed 1.2.0 cage minor whiteknight 01/06/11
#1935 nqp-rx on Parrot RELEASE_2_11_0-771-g40e018d fails t/nqp/33-init.t core closed fixed 2.11.0 bug blocker whiteknight 01/06/11
#1029 taillcall into PIR compiler broken none closed fixed trunk bug normal whiteknight 01/06/11
#483 :invocant flag core closed wontfix master todo minor whiteknight 01/06/11
#1591 PackFile_new_dummy is not in embed.h nor extend.h core closed fixed 2.3.0 bug normal whiteknight 01/06/11
#1128 Possible memory error in compilers/imcc/parser_util.c:INS() imcc closed fixed 1.6.0 bug normal whiteknight 01/06/11
#856 segfault in pbc_merge install closed fixed 1.3.0 bug normal whiteknight 01/06/11
#833 Exception from :init sub in PIR compreg causes problems core closed fixed 1.3.0 bug major whiteknight 01/06/11
#1635 Runloop unrolling for exception handling core closed fixed 2.3.0 experimental normal whiteknight 01/06/11
#1435 Tru64 report build closed fixed 2.5.0 bug normal 01/05/11
#1764 Infinite loop in exit handler core closed wontfix trunk todo normal whiteknight 01/05/11
#710 IO - On Win32, huge strings printed by Parrot do not appear in the console output. core closed fixed trunk bug normal whiteknight 01/05/11
#1887 Integer PMC i_multiply bug core closed fixed master bug normal whiteknight 01/05/11
#1700 OpLib caching doesn't survive after initializing of parrot trace. core closed invalid trunk bug major 01/05/11
#1908 Create new testing target: 'make test' + more testing closed fixed 2.10.0 todo normal jkeenan 01/03/11
#1900 Change names of 'make' coverage targets testing closed fixed 2.10.0 bug normal jkeenan 01/03/11
#1924 Incorrect use of is function in PIR tests raises misleading error testing closed fixed 2.11.0 bug normal 01/02/11
#1918 Remove share and share_ro VTABLEs core closed duplicate 2.10.0 RFC normal 01/02/11
#1923 Filehandle PMC clone VTABLE does not work library closed fixed master bug normal Yuki`N 01/02/11
#657 libparrot.dll missing entry points none closed duplicate 1.1.0 bug normal whiteknight 12/31/10
#1894 EventHandler's VTABLE_invoke unused and crashes . core closed fixed master bug minor whiteknight 12/31/10
#996 Socket.pmc should implement readline none closed fixed trunk RFC normal whiteknight 12/31/10
#1860 Move pbc subsystem to src/packfile core closed fixed master todo normal 12/30/10
#1915 Cloning ParrotLibrary results in Null PMC access none closed fixed master bug normal 12/30/10
#1768 Profiling runcore breaks Rakudo. profiling closed fixed trunk bug normal 12/29/10
#1911 cannot read binary file stream none closed worksforme 2.10.0 bug normal 12/29/10
#1909 g++ build broken build closed fixed master bug major 12/29/10
#1628 Unescape parrot string to parrot string core closed fixed 2.3.0 experimental normal NotFound 12/28/10
#1576 Update functions that take STRING * to take const args where possible core closed done 2.3.0 todo normal 12/26/10
#1630 null arguments automatically coerce to empty strings none closed fixed 2.0.0 bug normal 12/26/10
#1820 Cloning a Socket PMC gives a Sockaddr PMC core closed fixed 2.8.0 bug normal 12/25/10
#1719 Addition to config/gen/makefiles/root.in at r48140 causes multiple re-builds build closed fixed trunk bug normal darbelo 12/25/10
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