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#652 non-constant initializations in src/pmc/*.c none closed fixed 1.1.0 bug normal 04/29/10
#1272 Problems with codetest on files in ext/ directory (should ext/ be included in codetest?) testing closed done 1.7.0 RFC normal 04/27/10
#1577 gitignore files none closed done trunk todo normal 04/27/10
#423 config/auto/arch.pm can get wrong architecture on solaris/x86 configure closed fixed bug minor jkeenan 04/26/10
#1594 make 'distclean' deletes perl! build closed fixed 2.3.0 bug major coke 04/26/10
#1444 Test failures in t/run/exit.t none closed fixed 2.0.0 bug normal 04/26/10
#1590 Coredump in load_bytecode when embedding core closed invalid 2.3.0 bug major 04/24/10
#992 Memory errors when evaling invalid :vtable methods in a namespace testing closed fixed 1.5.0 bug normal 04/24/10
#1101 Potential memory corruption caused by faulty cloning of ResizableFloatArray core closed fixed trunk bug normal 04/24/10
#1579 examples/nci/xlibtest.pir out of date none closed fixed trunk bug normal NotFound 04/24/10
#1573 remove compilers/ncigen none closed done trunk todo normal bacek 04/24/10
#1574 remove ext/SQLite3 none closed fixed trunk todo normal coke 04/21/10
#1575 remove ext/SQLite3 none closed duplicate trunk todo normal 04/21/10
#1572 pbc_to_exe unusable after immutable_strings merge none closed fixed 2.4.0 bug normal 04/21/10
#1571 [PATCH]patch for building on win32.patch after immutable strings merge none closed fixed 2.4.0 bug normal bacek 04/21/10
#389 subs with :method should not be entered as symbols in the namespace core closed fixed trunk deprecation critical allison 04/20/10
#1469 Deprecate the gdbmhash dynpmc. none closed fixed 2.1.0 bug normal 04/20/10
#1566 md2 should not be used anymore none closed fixed 2.2.0 bug normal 04/20/10
#770 urls for "supported releases" say "stable" website closed fixed 1.3.0 cage normal coke 04/20/10
#1562 Silence Configure.pl warnings about ccwarn when the default compiler is not gcc configure closed fixed 2.2.0 bug normal coke 04/19/10
#1513 Test::Builder formats TODO tests wrong/poorly library closed done 2.2.0 bug normal 04/18/10
#1543 Create PARROT_HOT and PARROT_COLD function annotations profiling closed fixed 2.2.0 experimental normal petdance 04/17/10
#1536 Remove History and Maintainer sections from PDD's (mostly drafts) docs closed fixed 2.2.0 todo normal coke 04/17/10
#1495 MacOS and one WinXP TapTinder clients hanging on t/library/pg.t none closed fixed 2.1.0 bug major 04/17/10
#1538 Invoking uninitialised continuation causes segfault none closed invalid trunk bug normal 04/17/10
#1550 lexical lost when cloning a Sub core closed invalid 2.2.0 bug normal 04/17/10
#361 All .pbc files should make-depend on PBC_COMPAT build closed fixed todo normal coke 04/17/10
#584 ftp download links to should point to actual file... website closed fixed todo minor coke 04/16/10
#1474 runtime/parrot/library/config.pir refers to long dead "None" PMC. docs closed fixed trunk bug minor 04/14/10
#1555 t/op/lexicals.t failures none closed fixed trunk bug blocker 04/13/10
#1545 Properly split the headerizer tools closed fixed 2.2.0 cage major petdance 04/08/10
#1504 config/auto/arch.pm: Uninitialized value warning on Darwin due to change in order of configuration steps configure closed fixed 2.1.0 bug normal jkeenan 04/06/10
#1541 warnings appearing during 'make' invocation of pmc2c.pl build closed fixed 2.2.0 bug normal jkeenan 04/06/10
#1036 readonly should be shallow none closed fixed trunk bug normal 04/05/10
#660 Tidy failure cases for PIR implementation of t/pmc/ro.t testing closed fixed 1.1.0 bug minor 04/05/10
#641 Crash when loading PIR file none closed fixed 1.0.0 bug normal 04/02/10
#1534 Remove svk developer support none closed fixed trunk cage minor 03/31/10
#1489 memory PANIC building rakudo GC closed fixed trunk bug blocker 03/30/10
#1430 Change trace offset numbers to hex format none closed done 2.0.0 cage normal 03/30/10
#1457 remove --cxx option to Configure.pl configure closed fixed trunk cage normal jkeenan 03/30/10
#941 testing forward of new tickets to the mailing list website closed worksforme 1.5.0 bug normal allison 03/30/10
#1451 t/distro/file_metadata.t should not be run from distro tarball. none closed fixed bug normal coke 03/30/10
#487 [CAGE] 'vtable method' needs to go away docs closed fixed cage minor coke 03/30/10
#1533 Typos and inaccuracies in documentation comments of string bitwise functions core closed fixed trunk patch trivial 03/30/10
#1517 Comparing Rational PMC to Integer PMC with == blows up core closed fixed 2.2.0 bug normal coke 03/30/10
#1291 update make headerizer to work with PMCs too. docs closed fixed cage normal 03/29/10
#1133 MMD matching does not match 'scalar' with primitive types none closed fixed 1.6.0 bug normal 03/29/10
#1497 Expose 'meth_cache' attribute of class.pmc none closed fixed 2.1.0 bug normal whiteknight 03/29/10
#1473 Handle PMC type is broken core closed fixed 2.1.0 bug normal 03/29/10
#1249 t/pmc/threads.t: Thread types tests need rework testing closed fixed 1.7.0 cage trivial 03/29/10
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