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#2000 lib/Parrot/Pmc2c/MethodEmitter.pm: make file match package build closed fixed 3.0.0 bug normal jkeenan 02/10/11
#1988 lib/Parrot/Pmc2c/PMCEmitter.pm: make file match package. build closed fixed 3.0.0 bug normal jkeenan 02/10/11
#1995 building a new release is broken; seem to be: "ops2c" is broken build closed fixed 3.0.0 bug normal 02/03/11
#984 pluggable_runcore branch merge broke build on darwin build closed fixed 1.5.0 bug blocker dukeleto 09/07/09
#1981 Many new warnings like: warning: variable ‘interp’ might be clobbered by ‘longjmp’ or ‘vfork’ build closed fixed 3.0.0 todo trivial dukeleto 01/27/11
#861 mingw32-make fails upon tools\build\c2str.pl --all build closed fixed trunk bug critical 07/21/09
#1944 t/src/checkdepend.t should not skip thr_ files. build closed fixed master todo normal nwellnhof 01/20/11
#265 patch to avoid linking with -lpthread on openbsd build closed fixed trunk bug normal jkeenan 07/21/09
#2129 pbc_to_exe: missing runtime dependency build new 3.4.0 bug normal 06/16/11
#1980 make cover-src doesn't generate a coverage report build closed invalid 3.0.0 bug normal dukeleto 01/19/11
#395 optimize dynpmc makefile deps build closed worksforme todo trivial jkeenan 01/15/11
#2013 Build failure with parrot 3.0 on OpenBSD build closed fixed 3.0.0 bug normal coke 02/14/11
#1435 Tru64 report build closed fixed 2.5.0 bug normal 01/05/11
#1309 perl Configure.pl finds icu but doesn't set it up build new 1.8.0 bug normal 05/20/11
#1719 Addition to config/gen/makefiles/root.in at r48140 causes multiple re-builds build closed fixed trunk bug normal darbelo 12/25/10
#1889 fix makefile deps build closed invalid master cage normal 12/12/10
#1978 possible problem with g++ --optimize (t/pmc/float.t failure) build reopened 3.0.0 bug normal 04/28/11
#1804 Parrot out of mem on building Rakudo build closed fixed trunk bug normal 12/05/10
#2160 .git doesn't imply git executable build new master bug normal 07/20/11
#2110 mingw build fails while building opsc build new 3.3.0 bug normal 05/13/11
#2109 Can't find asm/errno.h build new 3.3.0 bug normal 05/12/11
#1176 Configure-time check for whether to use powl() or pow(), since powl() is an optional posix extension build new 1.7.0 bug normal 06/13/10
#817 [pmc2c] don't require custom #defines for private flags build new cage minor cotto 10/16/10
#1829 Recent changes impeded building and testing on smaller boxes build closed fixed 2.8.0 bug normal 11/16/10
#893 Rebuild dependencies in makefile build closed wontfix 1.4.0 cage normal petdance 10/19/11
#1773 make headerizer fails on Windows XP build closed fixed 2.6.0 bug normal Paul C. Anagnostopoulos 09/09/10
#1502 Test that "make corevm" works as expected build closed invalid 2.1.0 bug major 08/27/10
#1934 Some Python programs added to tools/dev coding_standards closed fixed 2.11.0 cage normal jkeenan 01/20/11
#764 t/codingstd/c_indent.t needs to handle indents after #ifdef better coding_standards closed fixed 1.2.0 bug minor jkeenan 07/05/09
#968 Rename PObj_active_destroy_foo to PObj_custom_destroy_foo coding_standards closed fixed 1.5.0 bug minor jkeenan 09/03/09
#533 headerizer not headerizing src/gc/gc_malloc.c coding_standards closed fixed bug normal whiteknight 10/22/09
#922 Coding standard tests for examples/ directories without tests coding_standards assigned 1.4.0 todo normal dukeleto 02/24/11
#1265 [PATCH] src/pmc/object.pmc fails t/codingstd/linelength.t coding_standards closed fixed 1.7.0 bug minor jkeenan 11/12/09
#759 Reconsider one-test-file-per-PMC policy coding_standards closed fixed 1.2.0 todo normal coke 11/07/09
#1526 editor/skeleton.pir cleanup. coding_standards closed fixed trunk cage trivial coke 05/17/10
#1609 tools/docs/filename_and_chapter.pl: Can we make this work with our coding standards? coding_standards closed fixed 2.3.0 bug normal jkeenan 05/05/10
#1329 [PATCH] extend scope of t/codingstd/c_indent.t coding_standards closed wontfix 1.8.0 patch normal plobsing 02/16/10
#1137 [PATCH] fix codingstd/c_indent.t wrt switch/case labels coding_standards closed fixed trunk patch minor coke 11/07/09
#443 C API brought into line with coding standards coding_standards closed fixed deprecation normal whiteknight 10/20/11
#1059 Run Parrot through cpplint.py coding_standards closed wontfix 1.6.0 RFC minor petdance 12/01/10
#1726 Missing POD in .pmc files (and a couple of others) coding_standards assigned trunk todo normal jkeenan 10/31/10
#1959 Configure flag for --without-threads configure closed fixed master todo minor 01/15/11
#673 Parrot 1.1.0 build on OS X with Fink ICU package configure closed wontfix 1.1.0 bug normal 01/15/11
#446 [CAGE] Fixed a few warnings and a NCI example on Windows using MSVS configure new trunk cage normal cotto 12/01/10
#1132 t/steps/auto/frames-01.t: Failures following pcc_reapply merge configure closed wontfix trunk todo normal jkeenan 01/15/11
#1392 build parrot failed on CentOS 4.5 configure closed fixed 1.9.0 bug normal jkeenan 01/21/11
#30 make shared libparrot with an already installed shared libparrot configure closed fixed branch todo normal jkeenan 01/23/11
#1454 make failing for parrot when rakudo git repo path in $PATH environment variable configure closed fixed trunk bug normal jkeenan 01/30/11
#1048 [TODO] Configure.pl needs a has_function() function. configure new 1.6.0 bug normal 09/21/09
#1925 remove config step auto::jit configure closed fixed 2.11.0 RFC normal jkeenan 01/13/11
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