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#1818 recent parrot change breaks a rakudo test core closed invalid 2.8.0 bug critical 10/18/10
#940 miniparrot segfaults on Windows core closed fixed 1.5.0 bug critical whiteknight 09/07/09
#977 parrot_config returns with an error about "Invalid Charset" tools closed fixed trunk bug critical 10/10/09
#562 subclassing basic number types fails to inherit basic ops like add, sub, mul and div core new trunk bug critical kjs 12/05/09
#861 mingw32-make fails upon tools\build\c2str.pl --all build closed fixed trunk bug critical 07/21/09
#1886 set_string_native() not implemented in class 'TclString' none assigned master bug critical whiteknight 10/20/11
#2107 "Failed to load libpcre" during build configure new 3.4.0 bug critical 08/12/11
#2112 Improved documentation about NCI docs new master todo critical 05/15/11
#1385 context_unify3_simple breaks parrot-nqp nqp closed fixed trunk bug critical bacek 12/21/09
#1589 Move . to the end of the library search path core new 2.3.0 bug critical soh_cah_toa 06/11/11
#472 segfault when catching an exception from C core closed fixed bug critical whiteknight 10/23/09
#1125 [BUG] imcc handles backslashes improperly in sub names nqp closed fixed 1.7.0 bug critical pmichaud 10/21/09
#688 Fakecutable creation by pbc_to_exe is critically slow for large PBC files. install closed fixed trunk bug critical Util 06/25/09
#1496 Parrot_String-related functions are only available from parrot/parrot.h core new 2.1.0 bug major 09/17/10
#1500 API to tell which opcode group an opcode is in core new master RFC major whiteknight 10/24/11
#775 Simplify makefile rules on windows. configure new trunk bug major 06/13/10
#2003 Configure.pl from tools/dev/create_language.pl doesn't play nice with git tools assigned 3.0.0 bug major dukeleto 02/20/11
#1801 Properly merge pools in GC MS2 when child interpreter destroyed. GC new trunk todo major bacek 09/24/10
#1443 Segfaults possibly caused by pool compaction bug GC closed fixed trunk bug major 02/14/10
#930 build fails when sandbox path contains whitespace configure closed fixed 1.4.0 bug major coke 01/30/11
#2128 Ability to build NCI thunks with Distutils library new master todo major 06/01/11
#1484 Number of errors reported by "prove" too high testing closed invalid 2.1.0 bug major 03/12/10
#5 partcl's [puts hi] exposes memory leaks in r33137 core reopened bug major 01/20/16
#791 Crash on PBC execution under Windows Server 2003 core closed wontfix 1.3.0 bug major 01/15/11
#1529 Rakudo fails to build with newer Parrot revisions, in particular r45148 none closed fixed 2.2.0 bug major 03/24/10
#1482 index op failure core closed fixed 2.1.0 bug major coke 02/26/10
#1495 MacOS and one WinXP TapTinder clients hanging on t/library/pg.t none closed fixed 2.1.0 bug major 04/17/10
#1672 TT #389 fix introduced regression with globals. core closed fixed trunk bug major whiteknight 03/03/11
#966 segfault in Parrot_string_mark core closed fixed trunk bug major bacek 03/03/11
#1545 Properly split the headerizer tools closed fixed 2.2.0 cage major petdance 04/08/10
#1209 parrot -O Fails Tests imcc closed fixed 1.7.0 bug major chromatic 05/10/10
#1594 make 'distclean' deletes perl! build closed fixed 2.3.0 bug major coke 04/26/10
#162 Parrot segfaults if specifying a non-sensical namespace imcc closed fixed bug major plobsing 05/11/10
#777 .HLL should not case-mangle its arg hll_interop new trunk RFC major 01/11/11
#466 PAST::Val.new( :value( ~$/ ), :returns('Complex')) generates incorrect pir PCT closed wontfix trunk bug major pmichaud 02/01/11
#133 methodtailcall broken core closed fixed trunk bug major whiteknight 05/10/10
#1590 Coredump in load_bytecode when embedding core closed invalid 2.3.0 bug major 04/24/10
#1393 src/gc/api.c: Intermittent test failures at line 245 since r43211 testing closed fixed 1.9.0 bug major jkeenan 02/09/10
#1640 Method names that start with '@' are not recognized. imcc closed fixed 2.3.0 bug major 07/20/11
#2120 We need sorting benchmarks tools closed noreply 3.4.0 todo major dukeleto 10/19/11
#2099 Automate more of the release manager process tools closed noreply master todo major dukeleto 10/19/11
#783 Lack of garbage-collectible packfiles can lead to memory leaks core closed invalid master bug major whiteknight 10/24/11
#74 Parrot::Interpreter - cannot use Lua hll_interop closed invalid trunk bug major 10/20/11
#1688 Internal assertion triggered when writing trivial code. core closed fixed 2.5.0 bug major 07/16/11
#1610 Parrot_compile_string does not properly catch errors thrown by causing IMCC syntax errors imcc closed fixed 2.3.0 bug major whiteknight 11/23/11
#2152 t/pmc/string.t, t/library/streams.t: new test failures core closed fixed 3.5.0 bug major 07/14/11
#1669 t/pmc/eval.t and t/pmc/threads.t fail during 'make coretest' none closed fixed trunk bug major 06/10/10
#1665 Pointer error when adding UTF-8 characters to StringBuilder byte-by-byte none closed fixed 2.4.0 bug major 05/28/10
#1699 Update release manager guide for signing releases and providing SHA sums none closed fixed 2.5.0 RFC major 08/27/10
#1502 Test that "make corevm" works as expected build closed invalid 2.1.0 bug major 08/27/10
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