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#1122 [PATCH] Convert more tests from perl to pir testing closed done 1.6.0 cage minor dukeleto 11/13/09
#1119 [PATCH] Converted tests from perl to pir testing closed done 1.6.0 cage minor dukeleto 11/13/09
#385 t/pmc/packfileconstanttable.t failure none closed done bug normal Infinoid 05/17/09
#2154 Add mem_sys_strndup() function imcc closed done 3.5.0 RFC normal 07/27/11
#2158 Appending error messages to IMCC error_message imcc closed done 3.5.0 patch normal 07/27/11
#1261 Document NCI type 'p' behavior for PMCNULL/NULL values none closed done 1.7.0 patch normal 11/10/09
#1210 [PATCH] t/op/inf_nan.t converted to PIR testing closed done 1.7.0 patch trivial 11/06/09
#1186 [PATCH] convert t/op/00ff-unix.t to PIR testing closed done 1.7.0 patch trivial 11/05/09
#1053 [TODO] Allow Parrot Hashes to have PMC keys configure closed done trunk todo normal 09/27/09
#929 Remove redundant old_blocks delcaration in compilers/imcc/pbc.c imcc closed done trunk patch minor 09/27/09
#680 Add a setstdin opcode none closed done trunk patch normal NotFound 05/28/09
#1011 Packfile PMCs cannot create a bytecode file from scratch core closed done 1.6.0 feature normal 09/19/09
#1005 Use VTABLE_is_equal instead of MMD in Hash and ResizablePMCArray core closed done trunk patch normal 09/16/09
#1010 Fix FixedBooleanArray "fill" method, rewrite tests in PIR core closed done trunk patch normal 09/15/09
#371 patch to auto-generate parrot.spec configure closed done trunk patch major 05/15/09
#1931 [DEPRECATED] advanced NCI parameter types none closed done 2.11.0 deprecation normal 05/13/11
#795 Kill Parrot_sub structure core closed done 1.3.0 RFC normal bacek 09/10/09
#189 deprecated: random PMC none closed done todo normal 09/10/09
#969 Convert t/pmc/float.t to PIR testing closed done trunk patch normal dukeleto 09/07/09
#950 [PATCH]: Convert Perl tests to use test_more.pir for t/op/gc.t testing closed done 1.5.0 patch trivial dukeleto 08/28/09
#927 Out of date documentation in src/gc/api.c after file renames. docs closed done trunk bug normal dukeleto 08/16/09
#101 [test] add parrot_utils tests testing closed done branch patch normal dukeleto 08/16/09
#531 [GSOC] Decide on a Pilot/Co-Pilot for the Parrot department of TPF this summer testing closed done todo major dukeleto 08/14/09
#726 [PATCH] Reduce calls to mem_sys_allocate() when creating a Hash none closed done 1.2.0 patch normal Infinoid 08/08/09
#826 Deprecate Parrot_str_free core closed done 1.3.0 RFC major NotFound 07/21/09
#747 Constants in library.h are not available as PASM constants library closed done trunk RFC normal NotFound 07/16/09
#427 [PATCH] Updated Qt/NCI Example for Qt4 and Windows/MSVS none closed done trunk patch normal 04/20/09
#1331 Mac OS 10.5 configuration fix configure closed done 1.8.0 patch normal dukeleto 02/08/11
#2001 generational_gc: Add missing ASSERT_ARGS macros GC closed done branch bug normal 02/08/11
#1193 Setting PMC to NULL STRING none closed done 1.7.0 RFC normal 11/22/10
#442 Can't build a well-behaved Rakudo RPM without being able to specify system library paths none closed done 0.9.1 feature normal 04/13/09
#286 [PATCH] Split encoding/charset registration so the STRINGs for their "name" field are created *after* the necessary plugins are registered none closed done bug normal 02/08/09
#1655 [DEPRECATED] logical vtables core closed done 2.4.0 deprecation normal plobsing 03/07/11
#1180 examples/nci/ls.pir prints only lines with one character each none closed done 1.7.0 bug normal NotFound 10/21/11
#1103 Optional named parameters must be explicit core closed done 1.6.0 deprecation normal nwellnhof 01/29/11
#866 DEPRECATE (after review) the *bigint*, pow* and nextkey_keyed VTABLE functions core closed done 1.3.0 RFC normal 11/22/10
#2122 :method and :multi docs closed done 3.4.0 todo normal 06/03/11
#2139 Deprecate PCRE in Parrot core configure closed duplicate 3.5.0 RFC normal 06/29/11
#115 [todo] make test with already installed parrot install closed duplicate branch todo normal rurban 07/09/09
#778 Make FileHandle Subclassable none closed duplicate 1.3.0 RFC normal 07/02/09
#1004 t/op/calling.t, t/pmc/sub.t failed at r41244 during 'make testj' core closed duplicate 1.5.0 bug normal 09/27/09
#1232 t/src/warnings.t: Test fails when Parrot built with g++ and --optimize testing closed duplicate 1.7.0 bug normal 11/10/09
#1151 Exception thrown from constructor leads to oddness none closed duplicate trunk bug normal 07/27/11
#1002 Building PGE dies with segfault when JIT enabled under Fedora 11 PGE closed duplicate trunk bug minor pmichaud 11/18/09
#541 r37927 segfaults on building lua hll_interop closed duplicate bug major 11/18/09
#1380 segfault in Parrot_Coroutine_invoke when running t/pmc/coroutine_9.pir none closed duplicate 1.9.0 bug normal 12/18/09
#1575 remove ext/SQLite3 none closed duplicate trunk todo normal 04/21/10
#1607 [PATCH] Minor updates to the debian packaging instructions docs closed duplicate 2.3.0 patch minor 05/04/10
#1620 Blank lines between or before param declarations cause errors. imcc closed duplicate 2.3.0 bug normal 05/08/10
#1703 IMCC doesn't generate get_params op for argless subs. imcc closed duplicate trunk bug normal 07/07/10
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