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#1855 Add UINTPTR type into parrot. core new master feature normal 11/18/10
#787 add vtables for: get_pmc_keyed{_int,_str,}_lvalue ; and similarly for slice core new 1.3.0 todo normal 10/23/09
#693 Add 'Wiki' to top row buttons at http://www.parrot.org website closed fixed RFC minor coke 03/12/10
#1985 Add windows-related temporary files to .gitignore tools closed fixed master cage minor dukeleto 01/24/11
#2010 add write barrier to all PMCs that write in unusual VTABLE functions core closed fixed 3.0.0 deprecation normal 08/14/11
#498 Alignment test is unreliable on linux due to unaligned access fixups in kernel configure closed wontfix 1.0.0 bug normal 12/19/09
#1516 Allow a build directory to be specified to Configure.pl configure new 2.2.0 feature normal 03/27/11
#1799 Allow for rw bffer to be passed by nci 'B' signature. core new 2.8.0 feature normal 09/23/10
#67 Allow user to specify maximum size of GC allocation on command line core new feature minor whiteknight 05/19/11
#361 All .pbc files should make-depend on PBC_COMPAT build closed fixed todo normal coke 04/17/10
#453 all pmc's include parrot/parrot.h twice none closed fixed cage trivial coke 05/15/09
#180 .annotate fails inside PIR compiler none closed fixed bug normal 01/21/09
#1328 announce next release when announcing current release docs new todo normal 11/23/09
#322 Annoying cygwin/mingw cfg readline popup configure new todo trivial 09/22/10
#1505 :anon vtable overrides don't work in PIR core closed fixed 2.1.0 bug normal whiteknight 03/10/10
#1945 A parrot with all external libraries disabled fails t/src/atomic.t none closed fixed 2.11.0 bug normal 01/15/11
#1500 API to tell which opcode group an opcode is in core new master RFC major whiteknight 10/24/11
#2158 Appending error messages to IMCC error_message imcc closed done 3.5.0 patch normal 07/27/11
#1247 ar can't read libparrot.a on Mac OS 10.5.2 build closed noreply 1.7.0 bug normal allison 12/06/10
#1598 Archive::Tar & Archive::Zip in parrot library library new trunk experimental normal 08/13/11
#2171 Archive.Zip Errors library new master bug normal 08/09/11
#2172 Archive.Zip : missing convenient method to unpack archive library new 3.6.0 bug normal 08/09/11
#2182 argument assertion failure when quitting parrot_debugger tools closed fixed master bug normal 08/18/11
#1293 Array PMC freeze/thaw/visit broken none closed fixed bug normal 02/01/10
#1399 Array unshift/access broken core closed fixed trunk bug normal 02/01/10
#744 Assertion Failure with steme and rakudo hll_interop closed fixed 1.2.0 bug normal whiteknight 11/18/09
#203 assign_pmc broken for pir subclasses? core new bug normal 07/21/09
#1731 Assumption made about buffer header alignment core assigned 2.6.0 bug normal Paul C. Anagnostopoulos 08/13/10
#201 atan opcode produces NAN with x86-32 JIT core closed duplicate bug normal 02/10/09
#1034 attempt to access code outside of current code segment none closed fixed trunk bug normal 06/26/11
#993 attempt to access code outside of current code segment in vtable init death core closed duplicate 1.5.0 bug normal whiteknight 11/21/10
#1707 attempt to mmap 2325622477335777280 bytes when printing utf8 in perl6 none closed fixed 2.5.0 bug normal jkeenan 09/13/10
#788 Audit PDD30 compliance install closed fixed trunk patch normal jkeenan 07/23/09
#1382 auto::alignptrs: Eliminate this config step configure closed fixed trunk RFC normal jkeenan 01/23/10
#1058 auto::funcptr: config step not needed if 'jitcapable' is never true configure closed fixed 1.6.0 RFC normal jkeenan 10/04/09
#959 Auto-generate #include dependency graphs in docs/ at build. docs new 1.5.0 todo minor 02/20/11
#43 auto-headerize PIRC sources pirc closed fixed todo normal kjs 09/01/10
#2099 Automate more of the release manager process tools closed noreply master todo major dukeleto 10/19/11
#1199 automatically create config.log during build configure closed wontfix RFC normal Yuki`N 08/27/11
#582 auto::sizes: Complete development of maxmin probes configure closed wontfix todo normal jkeenan 07/10/11
#505 avoid 2038 bug core new todo minor 02/25/11
#804 Avoid entering inner runloop when catching a exception thrown from C with a pir handler core closed fixed 1.3.0 RFC normal NotFound 01/11/11
#1493 Avoid repeated STRING constans with the same value imcc closed done 2.1.0 experimental minor NotFound 03/17/10
#1746 A way to get Rakudo to segfault core closed fixed 2.6.0 bug major 08/31/10
#300 Bad .get_results in a exception handler gives infinite recursion core closed invalid bug normal 11/22/10
#256 bad PAST->PIR generation PCT closed fixed trunk bug normal pmichaud 02/03/09
#136 BASIC broken language closed wontfix bug normal 03/23/09
#1166 benchmark_tests FAIL from r42170 - Failed tests: 18-20 testing closed fixed trunk bug normal 10/31/09
#356 better detect cpuarch with possible cmdline overrides configure closed fixed bug normal jkeenan 02/25/11
#476 Binaries should not contain rpath install reopened 1.0.0 bug normal 02/25/11
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