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#264 Add experimental method stdhandle to the interpreter pmc core closed fixed experimental normal whiteknight 11/09/10
#265 patch to avoid linking with -lpthread on openbsd build closed fixed trunk bug normal jkeenan 07/21/09
#266 Packfile API cleanup: rename Parrot_readbc to Parrot_pbc_read, _loadbc => _pbc_load core closed fixed todo minor jkeenan 06/06/09
#268 Languages wiki page needs updating docs closed done todo minor 02/18/09
#270 [PATCH] for the file parrot.spec to support SuSE install closed done patch normal 03/22/09
#271 Parrot crashes on openbsd/sparc64 core closed fixed bug normal dukeleto 05/22/11
#273 Fix system-dependent code in src/gc/system.c core closed wontfix todo minor whiteknight 10/24/11
#274 Enable shared on solaris none closed fixed todo normal rurban 02/10/09
#275 In maint mode, IMCC does not build with bison 2.4.x none closed fixed bug normal NotFound 02/10/09
#276 t/dynpmc/foo fails core closed fixed trunk bug normal whiteknight 02/02/11
#277 revive examples/c/test_main testing new bug minor whiteknight 11/22/10
#279 use croak in gen::makefiles configure closed fixed bug minor rurban 02/06/09
#282 [PATCH] pbc_to_exe should use 'link' to link. none closed fixed patch normal 02/12/09
#284 rename 'pdump' to 'pbc_dump' none closed fixed todo normal jkeenan 02/17/09
#285 cmp/bitwise/other mmd vtable functions should not go through proxy pmc core new bug normal 07/03/11
#286 [PATCH] Split encoding/charset registration so the STRINGs for their "name" field are created *after* the necessary plugins are registered none closed done bug normal 02/08/09
#287 build broken at 36428 none closed fixed trunk bug major 02/08/09
#288 [TODO] config/gen/makefiles/dynpmc_pl.in sub compile_cmd() configure closed fixed todo minor jkeenan 12/26/09
#289 [TODO] config/gen/makefiles/dynpmc_pl.in sub gather_groups_and_libs() configure closed fixed todo minor jkeenan 02/10/09
#290 include path in dynpmc.pl none closed fixed todo minor 02/08/09
#291 Parrot Version 0.9.0 Configure 2.0 (openbsd 4.4) core closed fixed 0.9.0 bug normal Infinoid 05/17/09
#292 [CAGE] Update all Pod documentation to use sane, modern headings docs closed fixed trunk cage normal whiteknight 10/24/11
#293 [BUG] failure of t/native_pbc/integer.t none closed fixed trunk bug minor rurban 02/11/09
#294 [PATCH] Pick correct format for Configure.pl --floatval='long double' configure closed fixed patch normal 02/09/09
#296 I/O buffering failure on x86-64 none closed fixed bug normal 02/10/09
#297 Don't hide close errors none closed done patch normal 02/10/09
#299 Access attributes of PMC from derived pir classes core closed wontfix patch normal 11/22/10
#300 Bad .get_results in a exception handler gives infinite recursion core closed invalid bug normal 11/22/10
#301 kill morph VTABLE core closed wontfix RFC minor 02/10/09
#302 plattform specific problem for Fedora PGE closed duplicate bug normal pmichaud 02/10/09
#304 Some files copyright Melvin Smith none new bug normal allison 07/27/10
#306 embedding parrot fails, many symbols not exported properly [win32] core closed fixed trunk bug major 09/08/10
#307 make pmcrenumber broken? build closed fixed feature normal 12/24/09
#308 [PATCH] [imcc] Allow for 128-bit long doubles imcc closed fixed patch minor rurban 03/01/09
#309 r36551 breaks Solaris with ICU configure closed fixed bug normal rurban 02/11/09
#310 remove --pmc option to Configure.pl configure closed fixed todo normal jkeenan 03/21/09
#312 disable static on win32/aix if shared none closed invalid trunk bug critical 11/01/11
#313 ignore print -0 test errors on win32 testing new trunk todo normal 08/03/10
#316 t/op/arithmetics 7&8 failing in r36590 none closed fixed trunk bug normal rurban 02/11/09
#317 r36594 - build fails on solaris none closed fixed trunk bug normal rurban 03/01/09
#320 About clearsilver licence none closed invalid bug critical 02/13/09
#321 Segfault overriding init sub in PIR none closed fixed bug normal whiteknight 09/11/09
#322 Annoying cygwin/mingw cfg readline popup configure new todo trivial 09/22/10
#323 make smoke with locally modified files none closed fixed cage minor rurban 03/05/09
#324 Write function documentation docs closed fixed cage normal jkeenan 07/01/10
#325 case-sensitivity test issues on win32 none closed fixed bug trivial 02/12/09
#326 win32 Wide API needed . 'make smoke' failed 63 tests. core new trunk bug major fperrad 02/21/11
#327 post 'make test' results from svn status suggest our ignores are wrong none closed fixed bug normal jkeenan 02/28/09
#328 syntax error in install tree none closed fixed bug normal 02/18/09
#329 [PATCH] save compiler filename in PCT::HLLCompiler PCT closed fixed patch minor pmichaud 02/01/11
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