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Priority Milestone Type Ticket Summary Component Version Owner Status Created
blocker bug #2087 Register allocator and lexicals bug imcc 3.2.0 new 04/06/11
blocker patch #760 readline_interactive method no longer returns PMCNULL on eof core trunk whiteknight new 06/13/09
critical bug #562 subclassing basic number types fails to inherit basic ops like add, sub, mul and div core trunk kjs new 04/18/09
critical bug #1589 Move . to the end of the library search path core 2.3.0 soh_cah_toa new 04/24/10
critical bug #1886 set_string_native() not implemented in class 'TclString' none master whiteknight assigned 12/10/10
critical bug #2107 "Failed to load libpcre" during build configure 3.4.0 new 05/11/11
critical bug #2150 t/library/nciutils.t fails on windows testing master new 07/12/11
critical todo #2112 Improved documentation about NCI docs master new 05/15/11
major bug #5 partcl's [puts hi] exposes memory leaks in r33137 core reopened 11/24/08
major bug #326 win32 Wide API needed . 'make smoke' failed 63 tests. core trunk fperrad new 02/13/09
major bug #775 Simplify makefile rules on windows. configure trunk new 06/18/09
major bug #1496 Parrot_String-related functions are only available from parrot/parrot.h core 2.1.0 new 03/04/10
major bug #1520 P6metaclass cannot derive from already-`register`ed PMC type library 2.2.0 new 03/21/10
major bug #1943 Failure due to missing external definition of inlined functions configure 2.11.0 new 01/10/11
major bug #2003 Configure.pl from tools/dev/create_language.pl doesn't play nice with git tools 3.0.0 dukeleto assigned 02/09/11
major bug #2173 parrot_debugger --help coredumps tools 3.6.0 new 08/06/11
major feature #1195 Add cross-compiling support to Configure.pl, such as --target=i386-rtems4.10 configure trunk bubaflub new 11/05/09
major RFC #777 .HLL should not case-mangle its arg hll_interop trunk new 06/19/09
major RFC #1500 API to tell which opcode group an opcode is in core master whiteknight new 03/06/10
major RFC #1825 How To Utilize The GCC Compile Farm build 2.8.0 dukeleto new 10/13/10
major todo #236 implement pdd14-numbers core dukeleto assigned 01/27/09
major todo #1801 Properly merge pools in GC MS2 when child interpreter destroyed. GC trunk bacek new 09/24/10
major todo #2128 Ability to build NCI thunks with Distutils library master new 06/01/11
major 2.10 bug #1802 PMC Creation Functions Can Cause Segfaults embed/extend 2.8.0 new 09/24/10
major 2.11 roadmap #607 ordered destruction GC new 04/28/09
major 3.0 deprecation #1916 Deprecate freeze, thaw, and thawfinish VTABLEs core master cotto new 12/30/10
major 3.3 todo #2023 Improve triggering of GC in GMS. GC master new 02/20/11
major 3.9 deprecation #1906 [DEPRECATED] Passing non-const STRING* is deprecated. core master new 12/26/10
normal bug #132 Can't thaw a Sub (or a PIR subclass of a Sub) core plobsing new 01/06/09
normal bug #203 assign_pmc broken for pir subclasses? core new 01/21/09
normal bug #205 r35872 test fails on solaris core trunk new 01/21/09
normal bug #228 t/pmc/sub fails with runcore PBC core trunk new 01/26/09
normal bug #260 Build error on windows 2008 server build new 02/01/09
normal bug #285 cmp/bitwise/other mmd vtable functions should not go through proxy pmc core new 02/06/09
normal bug #304 Some files copyright Melvin Smith none allison new 02/10/09
normal bug #358 complex NaN core dukeleto assigned 02/19/09
normal bug #370 Rounding Inf and NaN core trunk Paul C. Anagnostopoulos new 02/24/09
normal bug #378 Deprecation warnings in in config/gen/platform/darwin/dl.c in r37011 core new 02/26/09
normal bug #411 RFC: Remove or fix SDL testing new 03/06/09
normal bug #457 t/dynpmc/os.t has invalid stat() and lstat() tests. testing new 03/16/09
normal bug #476 Binaries should not contain rpath install 1.0.0 reopened 03/19/09
normal bug #540 installed versions of dynext/*.so still link to -lparrot in build directory install jkeenan reopened 04/06/09
normal bug #545 PackFile_unpack followed by PackFile_pack produces wrong results. core new 04/08/09
normal bug #555 perldoc detection fails if build runs as root configure 1.0.0 reopened 04/14/09
normal bug #558 [doc] < is not always escaped in HTML generation docs new 04/16/09
normal bug #559 [doc] POD escape E<> is not handled by HTML generation docs new 04/16/09
normal bug #579 build failure on Solaris/x86 with GCC and native assembler core new 04/24/09
normal bug #697 Parrot::Test "language_output_is" fails in installed parrot. install 1.2.0 new 05/21/09
normal bug #706 Out of mem (PASM, compreg, invokecc) core trunk new 05/26/09
normal bug #748 memory leak in IMCC imcc trunk chromatic new 06/09/09
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