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normal bug #285 cmp/bitwise/other mmd vtable functions should not go through proxy pmc core new 02/06/09
normal bug #806 Test.readdir is not skipped on Win32 even though it appears that it should be core trunk new 07/03/09
normal bug #816 PMC 'Undef' does not support logical_not core 1.3.0 new 07/06/09
normal patch #508 JSON libraries should be renamed to something less confusing library reopened 03/26/09
normal bug #864 on Win32 binary install, parrot_config.exe contains false installation path install 1.3.0 new 07/20/09
normal bug #2044 Subclassing FileHandle core master new 03/08/11
normal bug #879 isa does not take (correctly) namespace, pmcarray,stringarray core 1.4.0 new 07/28/09
normal todo #1282 OS.cwd returns platform specific slashes... core trunk Yuki`N assigned 11/17/09
normal deprecation #218 change function of get_addr and set_addr core whiteknight reopened 01/23/09
normal deprecation #1697 Remove the open and close opcodes core master whiteknight new 06/29/10
trivial todo #560 When we can't find a library, we shouldn't silently continue and give weird errors later core master whiteknight assigned 04/17/09
normal bug #802 freeze opcode segfaults on working bytecode from Rakudo core 1.3.0 whiteknight new 07/02/09
normal bug #2126 Parrot_PMC_morph acting odd embed/extend 3.4.0 whiteknight new 05/28/11
normal bug #2048 cmp_pmc vtable acting wonky embed/extend 3.1.0 whiteknight new 03/12/11
minor cage #676 Fix namespace pollution core master whiteknight new 05/17/09
minor deprecation #1754 The Scalar PMC core master whiteknight assigned 08/23/10
normal bug #1903 tailcall method invocation pops exception handlers none master whiteknight new 12/24/10
normal bug #2124 Including extend.h without first including parrot.h blows up in Rakudo embed/extend master whiteknight new 05/26/11
minor todo #858 HLL exception handling core master whiteknight new 07/20/09
minor todo #974 Mark publicly exposed functions in src/call/context.c with PARROT_EXPORT tag core master whiteknight new 09/03/09
normal bug #1833 Incompatible bytecode error lacks file name of offending file core 2.8.0 whiteknight new 10/19/10
normal deprecation #1800 [DEPRECATED] Current behaviour of "timely destruction" is deprecated. GC 2.9.0 whiteknight new 09/23/10
normal RFC #1356 [TODO] add method FixedStringArray.sort() core master whiteknight assigned 12/03/09
normal todo #1284 Integer PMC missing math methods core master whiteknight assigned 11/17/09
normal RFC #2133 src/extend.c Review embed/extend master whiteknight new 06/13/11
minor bug #277 revive examples/c/test_main testing whiteknight new 02/06/09
normal bug #1542 HLLs sometimes leak into loaded modules core 2.2.0 whiteknight new 04/04/10
critical bug #1886 set_string_native() not implemented in class 'TclString' none master whiteknight assigned 12/10/10
normal bug #1515 Duplicate named args cause fatal error in subs none 2.2.0 whiteknight new 03/17/10
normal deprecation #1870 Move OpenGL Bindings to their own project/repo library master whiteknight new 11/24/10
normal RFC #649 Should parrot_config report separate inst_ and build variables? install 1.1.0 whiteknight new 05/08/09
normal 2.6 roadmap #567 pdd31-hll interop hll_interop whiteknight new 04/21/09
minor RFC #1448 Modify `throw` opcode to pass through pre-configured resume continuation core master whiteknight assigned 02/16/10
normal experimental #2186 Add 6model to Parrot core branch whiteknight new 08/27/11
normal bug #1492 Get_class <namespace> confuses NSes that have same final name. core 2.1.0 whiteknight assigned 03/03/10
minor feature #67 Allow user to specify maximum size of GC allocation on command line core whiteknight new 12/19/08
normal patch #850 Handle loadlib and libraries with '.' in the name library 1.3.0 whiteknight new 07/18/09
normal deprecation #1969 Deprecate Eval PMC core master whiteknight assigned 01/15/11
major RFC #1500 API to tell which opcode group an opcode is in core master whiteknight new 03/06/10
normal 2.11 deprecation #1868 [DEPRECATED] PIR compiler availability core 2.10.0 whiteknight assigned 11/23/10
normal 2.6 roadmap #568 hll interop hll_interop whiteknight new 04/21/09
normal todo #955 need ability to create tempfile from PIR testing whiteknight assigned 08/28/09
normal 2.11 deprecation #1892 [DEPRECATED] Complex PMC core 2.10.0 whiteknight new 12/14/10
normal bug #1015 clone_p_p segfaults with self-referential Hash pmc. core 1.6.0 whiteknight new 09/17/09
normal todo #1223 Parrot_find_name_op() should walk up the scopes core 1.7.0 whiteknight new 11/07/09
blocker patch #760 readline_interactive method no longer returns PMCNULL on eof core trunk whiteknight new 06/13/09
normal todo #1650 Parrot needs Date/DateTime Object none master whiteknight new 05/20/10
normal bug #919 On Mac OS X 10.5.8, Configure.pl : lazy symbol binding failed configure 1.4.0 Util assigned 08/14/09
normal 2.11 bug #1891 Problems with acosh, asech, atanh and acoth in Complex PMC core 2.10.0 Util assigned 12/14/10
minor RFC #2155 Additional README Files in Top-Level Directories docs master soh_cah_toa new 07/17/11
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