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auto::funcptr: config step not needed if 'jitcapable' is never true

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Component: configure Version: 1.6.0
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Configuration step auto::funcptr is supposed to "[verify] that the compiler supports function pointer casts." It only does something meaningful if the value of jitcapable in the Parrot::Configure object is a true value.

sub runstep {
    my ( $self, $conf ) = @_;

    my $jitcapable = $conf->data->get('jitcapable');

    if ($jitcapable) {
        eval { $conf->cc_build(); };

        if ( $@ || $conf->cc_run() !~ /OK/ ) {

    return 1;

However, with the recent removal of JIT code, jitcapable is now hard-coded to 0 in auto::jit. From config/auto/jit.pm:

        jitcapable     => 0,
        execcapable    => 0,

Hence, config/auto/funcptr.pm does not currently do anything meaningful.

In principle, we could leave it in our configuration system for the time being, so that when JIT comes back to life, auto::funcptr is ready to do its thing.

However, I dislike having code in the config system that does nothing. I propose that we delete config/auto/funcptr.pm, the related C probes and the related test file.

Discussion? Please speak up, as otherwise I will delete these files in 7 days. Note that I am not proposing to delete the jitcapable element in the Parrot::Configure object's data structure, as that would adversely impact code in config/gen/config_h/config_h.in and config/gen/config_pm/myconfig.in.

Thank you very much.



no.more.auto.funcptr.txt Download (8.3 KB) - added by jkeenan 12 years ago.
Removal of config step auto::funcptr and associated files

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Side note: This was discovered through the joys of coverage analysis:

37    ***     39     50                     if ($jitcapable) {
38    ***      0                                $conf->cc_gen('config/auto/funcptr/test_c.in');
39    ***      0                                eval { $conf->cc_build(); };
      ***      0                        
41    ***      0      0      0                  if ( $@ || $conf->cc_run() !~ /OK/ ) {
42    ***      0                                    _cast_void_pointers_msg();
43    ***      0                                    exit(-1);
44                                              }
45    ***      0                                $conf->cc_clean();
46    ***      0                                $self->_set_positive_result($conf);
47                                          }

Changed 12 years ago by jkeenan

Removal of config step auto::funcptr and associated files

Changed 12 years ago by jkeenan

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Accomplished in r41544. Will close ticket in 24 hours unless there are complaints.

Thank you very much.


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No complaints; closing ticket.

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