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Plumage fails to compile on case-insensitive file systems

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Severity: medium Keywords: plumage
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Patch status: Platform: darwin


$ gmake
/usr/local/bin/parrot /usr/local/lib/parrot/1.6.0-devel/languages/nqp/nqp.pbc --target=pir -o plumage.pir plumage.nqp
/usr/local/bin/parrot -o plumage.pbc plumage.pir
/usr/local/bin/parrot -o Glue.pbc Glue.pir
/usr/local/bin/pbc_to_exe plumage.pbc
cc -o plumage.o -I/usr/local/include/parrot/1.6.0-devel -fno-common -no-cpp-precomp  -pipe -fstack-protector -I/usr/local/include -I/opt/local/include -pipe -fno-common -Wno-long-double  -DHASATTRIBUTE_CONST  -DHASATTRIBUTE_DEPRECATED  -DHASATTRIBUTE_MALLOC  -DHASATTRIBUTE_NONNULL  -DHASATTRIBUTE_NORETURN  -DHASATTRIBUTE_PURE  -DHASATTRIBUTE_UNUSED  -DHASATTRIBUTE_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT  -falign-functions=16 -fvisibility=hidden -funit-at-a-time -maccumulate-outgoing-args -W -Wall -Waggregate-return -Wcast-align -Wcast-qual -Wchar-subscripts -Wcomment -Wdisabled-optimization -Wendif-labels -Wextra -Wformat -Wformat-extra-args -Wformat-nonliteral -Wformat-security -Wformat-y2k -Wimplicit -Wimport -Winit-self -Winline -Winvalid-pch -Wmissing-braces -Wmissing-field-initializers -Wno-missing-format-attribute -Wmissing-include-dirs -Wpacked -Wparentheses -Wpointer-arith -Wreturn-type -Wsequence-point -Wno-shadow -Wsign-compare -Wstrict-aliasing -Wstrict-aliasing=2 -Wswitch -Wswitch-default -Wtrigraphs -Wundef -Wunknown-pragmas -Wno-unused -Wvariadic-macros -Wwrite-strings -Wbad-function-cast -Wdeclaration-after-statement -Wimplicit-function-declaration -Wimplicit-int -Wmain -Wmissing-declarations -Wmissing-prototypes -Wnested-externs -Wnonnull -DHAS_GETTEXT -c plumage.c
Compiled: plumage.o
c++ -o plumage plumage.o /usr/local/lib/parrot/1.6.0-devel/parrot_config.o -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/lib -lparrot   -undefined dynamic_lookup -L/opt/local/lib -lm -lutil -lgmp -lreadline -lintl -lpthread -lm -L/opt/local/lib  -licuuc -licudata -lpthread -lm
ld: can't open output file for writing: plumage, errno=21
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
linking failed
current instr.: 'link_file' pc 934 (tools/dev/pbc_to_exe.pir:557)
called from Sub 'main' pc -1 ((unknown file):-1)
gmake: *** [plumage] Error 1

Change History

Changed 7 years ago by dukeleto

Since the directory Plumage already exists, attempting to create a binary called plumage fails. Stuff should probably be organized into directories, and this issue would not occur.

Changed 7 years ago by dukeleto

This gitorious branch solves the issue by organizing PIR files into a pir/ directory. I tested the install of partcl with it and it worked fine.


Changed 7 years ago by dukeleto

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  • resolution set to fixed

This is now fixed.

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