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Subject: Draft Parrot Book chapters no longer available on docs.parrot.org

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At one point, the Parrot Book Directives Reference was accessible via  http://docs.parrot.org/parrot/latest/html/docs/book/ch11_directive_reference.pod.html but somewhere between the time I posted my first babystep and today it has been placed in the drafts directory and not exported to the HTML Parrot documentation.

dukeleto has mentioned that he will attempt to get the draft directory transformed to HTML, but can't make any promises about when he can make this change.

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As part of cage cleaning today, I took a look at this ticket. I think there's a larger question:

What is the status of the 'book' housed in docs/book/draft/?

$ ls docs/book/draft/
README                         ch07_dynpmcs.pod
appa_glossary.pod              ch08_dynops.pod
appb_patch_submission.pod      ch10_opcode_reference.pod
appc_command_line_options.pod  ch11_directive_reference.pod
appd_build_options.pod         ch12_operator_reference.pod
appe_source_code.pod           chXX_hlls.pod
ch01_introduction.pod          chXX_library.pod
ch02_getting_started.pod       chXX_testing_and_debugging.pod

Is this something we intend to actually produce at some point? How does it differ from the Parrot Design Documents in docs/pdds/? If so, how will we keep it in synch with theh PDDs and with the codebase itself?

cc-ing Whiteknight and Allison, who appear to have worked on this project back in the first half of 2009.

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Here's a braindead patch to get this back on the website once it's decided:

diff --git a/docs/index/index.json b/docs/index/index.json
index 700ac82..0edc734 100644
--- a/docs/index/index.json
+++ b/docs/index/index.json
@@ -56,6 +56,12 @@
          "title" : "PCT Book"
+      },
+      {
+         "source" : [
+            ":book"
+         ],
+         "title" : "The Book's Title (draft)"
    "title" : "Home"

and add this file in the same directory.

$ cat book.json 
   "page" : "book",
   "content" : [
         "source" : [
         "title" : "The Book's Title (draft)"
   "title" : "The Book's Title (draft)"
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