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dynext - dll versioning

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Thanks to the Windows DLL Hell L< http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DLL_hell> and the impossibility of file hardlinks, windows dll names are hopefully versioned, so either the loadlib function or the various pir's needs more logic for maintainance convenience.

Keep the lib_paths and share_ext search, add more name munging for special platforms.

Either 1) add the version to each loadlib call, and stem the version from POSIX versions within get_path().

loadlib lib, 'libSDL-1.2.so.0'

=> try: libSDL-1.2.so.0, libSDL-1.2.so

stemmed: libSDL.so on WIN32: SDL-1.2.dll, SDL.dll on cygwin: cygSDL-1.2.dll, cygSDL.dll

Maybe also detect the "-1.2.so.0" and convert it to "-1.2.0.dll"

2) add an optional version argument to loadlib. (preferred)

loadlib lib, 'SDL', '1.2.0'

=> Try: first always prefix with "lib" libSDL-1.2.0.so, libSDL-1.2.so.0, libSDL-1.2.so, libSDL.so other rules stay as they are. (lib_paths + share_ext) on WIN32: no lib prefix and try versions. SDL-1-2-0.dll, SDL-1-2.dll, SDL-1.2.0.dll, SDL-1.2.dll, SDL.dll on cygwin: cyg prefix and try versions with '.' and '-'. cygSDL-1.2.dll, cygSDL-1.2.0.dll, cygSDL-1-2-0.dll, cygSDL-1-2.dll

All the pir's for the latest packaged libraries are fixed with RT#51328.

RT#51328 also applies the addional lib => cyg dll logic, but does not help with versioned dll's, as for ncurses and SDL most prominently.

Examples what we want to avoid:

loadlib $P1, 'libform' +if $P1 goto has_lib +loadlib $P1, 'cygform-8' +has_lib:

loadlib $P1, 'libncurses' +if $P1 goto has_lib1 +loadlib $P1, 'cygncurses-8' +has_lib1:

# third try loadlib libsdl, 'libSDL-1.2.so.0'

+ loadlib libsdl, 'cygSDL-1-2-0' + $I0 = typeof libsdl + if $I0 != .Undef goto OK

loadlib image_lib, 'libSDL_image-1.2.so.0' $I0 = typeof image_lib if $I0 != .Undef goto OK_HINT2

+ loadlib image_lib, 'cygSDL_image-1-2-0' + $I0 = typeof image_lib + if $I0 != .Undef goto OK +

See also other ffi's, such as cffi, how they do deal or not with this problem. Years ago I wrote an overview at  http://autocad.xarch.at/lisp/ffis.html -- Reini Urban  http://phpwiki.org/  http://murbreak.at/  http://helsinki.at/  http://spacemovie.mur.at/

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