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[RFC] Modify build directories to more closely match the install directories

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To simplify building a language from a build tree or install tree, change the build directories to more closely match the install directories. This would mean standardizing on

lib/ Holds the compiled libparrot. Holds what's currently in runtime/* as subdirectories under lib/parrot/. Holds what's currently in lib/ (Perl modules) as subdirectories under lib/parrot/tools.

bin/ Holds the compiled binaries for parrot, parrot_config, parrot_debugger, etc.

src/ Holds C source files, same as now. Add a 'parrot/' subdirectory to be the same as include/ and lib/ (either all should keep the subdirectory, or none should).

include/ Holds C header files, same as now.

(The current blib/ directory just goes away.)

Change History

Changed 12 years ago by bacek

I also implemented generating of pmc_foo.h inside include/pmc instead of src/pmc to be closer to installed parrot.

-- Bacek

Changed 11 years ago by jkeenan

  • cc cotto, whiteknight, nwellnhof added

The organization of our source code has changed since this RFC ticket was originally filed 16 months ago. Of note, creation of the frontend/ tree just underneath the top-level.

I'm going to cc some people who worked on that restructuring to get an idea as to what, if any, parts of the OP's recommendations we should consider pursuing.

Thank you very much.


Changed 11 years ago by bacek


For the record: ticket is about _build_ directories, not _source_.

-- Bacek

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