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src/pmc/hash.pmc: Use freeze in get_repr() (for hashes)

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This ticket moves to the Trac system an issue previously discussed in the RT system as  RT #46643.

 301 =item  C<STRING *get_repr()>
 303 Return a representation of the hash contents.
 305 =cut
 307 */
 309     VTABLE STRING *get_string() {
 310         return Parrot_sprintf_c(INTERP, "Hash[0x%x]", SELF);
 311     }
 313     VTABLE STRING *get_repr() {
 314         /* RT #44643 use freeze */
 315         PMC * const  iter = VTABLE_get_iter(INTERP, SELF);
 316         STRING      *res  = CONST_STRING(INTERP, "{");
 317         const INTVAL n    = VTABLE_elements(INTERP, SELF);
 318         INTVAL       j;

In the original RT ticket, Paul Cochrane commented: When one gets a representation of the hash contents via get_repr(), it would be good to have a freeze/thaw-type mechanism for returning the contents. (At least, that's my reading of what this one line comment means).

Change History

  Changed 11 years ago by jkeenan

I know that there has been a lot of work done since this ticket was moved into Trac that either made changes to src/pmc/hash.pmc or dealt with freeze/thaw issues.

Can anyone evaluate the issues raised in this ticket?

Thank you very much.


follow-up: ↓ 3   Changed 11 years ago by cotto

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This strikes me as one of those comments that should have been deleted instead of being automatically converted into a ticket (and then migrated to Trac). If there's a compelling reason to use freeze code in get_repr (which is pretty under-used anyway), the comment should have stated it. Since it didn't, I'd be perfectly happy to see this ticket go away.

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Replying to cotto:

I'd be perfectly happy to see this ticket go away.

I'll second the motion.

In fact, luben beat me to it in r49190. Closing ticket.

Thank you very much.


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