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t/op/hacks.t: Delete useless test file

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In the course of working on TT #1189, I have had occasion to search for files, in the configuration system or elsewhere, which depend unnecessarily on the Perl 5 %Config found on the system where Parrot is being built. I will be opening additional tickets for cases where I find such dependencies in files outside the configuration step tests.

t/op/hacks.t was created by Dan in December 2001. Its initial commit bears this log message:


Not surprisingly, this test file is objectionable on a number of levels:

1. Its DESCRIPTION says it "Tests basic file IO operations," but it does nothing of the sort.

2. It has an internal subroutine, has_signal(), which does a look-up on the Perl 5 %Config:

sub has_signal {
    my $sig = shift;
    foreach my $name ( split( ' ', $Config{sig_name} ) ) {
        return 1 if ( "SIG$name" eq $sig );
    return 0;

(It imports Parrot::Config but does nothing with it.)

3. All (actually, both) its tests are SKIPped:

    skip( "no universal SIGFPE handling", 2 );

AFAICT, the SKIP was introduced in July 2003. (I can't tell for sure, because this is one of those files that was mangled in the conversion from CVS to SVN; svn blame claims it's a binary file.)

So it has contributed nothing to our understanding of Parrot's strengths and weaknesses in six years!

Time to toss it. I will do so in 3-4 days unless there is serious objection.

Thank you very much.


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File deleted in r42408. Closing ticket.

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