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SDL tests

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Some of the SDL examples are still subject of bitrot. Especially the more complex ones like tetris and minesweeper.

We need tests.

1) Basic tests for all SDL classes and interfaces. There's no GUI involved at all at this step. Just a test if constructors, methods, or attribute accessors are working/implemented as specced.

2) The more daunting task of testing full-fledged examples or even SDL applications. We probably don't have serious GUI tests for a forseeable time, but we can still test, if an application at least starts properly before possibly entering the event handler loop.

E.g. sdl/mandel.pir can be started like this:

./parrot examples/sdl/mandel.pir --quit

It'll draw the default mandel set picture and terminate immediately.

We can of course mandate that any testable sdl example/app (i.e all ;) provide processing of:

./parrot examples/sdl/mandel.pir --test_quit

or some such, which should spit out a single string "test_ok\n" to stdout. This string result can be tested for with standard TAP means.

3) and future ... testing if the GUI of the app really works

Thanks, leo

PREVIOUSLY tracked in RT#40367.

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Changed 12 years ago by kjs

Well, I forgot one preliminary:

We need a config test first, if SDL is present and working, which shall define:

C defines perl5


(It's not given that libSDL_image is present, *if* libSDL is installed)


Changed 12 years ago by kjs

Is there any person expert in SDL who could take on this ticket?

If so, I will move it to Trac so it can be tracked there.

Thank you very much. kid51

*** UPDATE: Now being tracked here in Trac.

Changed 12 years ago by kthakore

We have a lot of viable test for SDL Core for perl 5.  http://github.com/kthakore/SDL_perl/tree/redesign/t/ . Moreover we also have a smolder site running  http://sdlperl.ath.cx:8080 . If we can get some people to port our tests you will have test for almost all features of Video and its structure. We are making new tests and features as we go.

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