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t/pmc/io_iterator.t: Overhaul tests

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Component: testing Version: 1.7.0
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This ticket moves into the Trac system issues formerly discussed in two RT tickets:

1.  RT 46847: Replace dummy variable with an io object in iterator tests

In the original ticket Paul Cochrane commented:

In t/pmc/io_iterator.t there are many todo items which say:

$P99 = 1 # TODO replace with io object

Replace this dummy value with an actual io object.

2.  RT 46853: Setup i/o object with two lines in get_bool (vtable) test

In this ticket PTC commented:

In t/pmc/io_iterator.t there is the todo item:

# TODO setup i/o object with two lines

This is within the context of the tests for C<get_bool (vtable)>, 
although the reason isn't obvious to me from the code. Hopefully 
someone else can add enlightenment here to help whoever ends up 
working on this ticket.

I am combining the ticket into one because the issues are all found within the same file.

Do we have I/O iterator objects yet in Parrot? If so, then someone knowledgeable in them should be able to update these tests rather easily.

Thank you very much.


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Replying to jkeenan:

Do we have I/O iterator objects yet in Parrot?

Can anyone comment?

Thank you very much.


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