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handle ARM mixed-endian doubles

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This ticket moves discussion into Trac from  RT #37461.

Leopold Toetsch opened the ticket in October 2005:

Parrot bytecode (PBC) is designed to be portable. Therefore we need some code to convert ARM-generated PBCs to machine-native doubles and ARM architectures must be able to read other already supported float types.

A PBC header has a 'floattype' field, which identifies known FLOATVAL layouts.

We have currently:

0 ... 8 byte IEEE double 1 ... 12 byte IEEE double (both according to endianess)

We need additionally (at least and AFAIK):

2 ... 8 byte (ARM) mixed-endian

which is according to Nicholas a LE double with 2 BE arranged words.

And Nicholas Clark commented:

and totally legal IEEE.

(Mozilla thought that it could cheat. And it was wrong)

The mixed endian is the old soft float, as I understand it, and will be replaced by something less surprising, but that's a C ABI change.

... and that's where things stand.

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