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src/debug.c: Correctly handle comparisons of PMCs with constants

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Component: core Version: 1.7.0
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This ticket moves into Trac discussion of an issue originally discussed in RT at  RT #46123.

In that RT, Paul Cochrane noted this TODO item in the file in question:

1546 PDB_condition_t *
1547 PDB_cond(PARROT_INTERP, ARGIN(const char *command))
1548 {
1694         else if (condition->type & PDB_cond_pmc) {
1695             /* RT #46123 Need to figure out what to do in this case.
1696              * For the time being, we just bail. */
1697             Parrot_io_eprintf(
                    interp->pdb->debugger, "Can't compare PMC with constant\n");
1698             mem_sys_free(condition);
1699             return NULL;
1700         }

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Changed 11 years ago by jkeenan

Is it possibly the case that PMCs will never be comparable to constants? (... in which case this ticket is moot and closeable)


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