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opcodes, warnings, and exceptions

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the api for opcodes needs review, especially with regard to the response to exceptional behavior. for example, the documentation for B<length> in src/ops/string.ops reads:

=item B<length>(out INT, in STR)

Set result $1 to the length (in characters) of string $2.
If $2 is NULL or zero length, zero is returned.

however, if a null string is passed in to length, the user should get some notification of an exceptional condition. *at least* a warning, and possibly a fatal exception.


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Is there anyone who would like to take this review on?

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Replying to jkeenan:

Is there anyone who would like to take this review on?

I repeat the question.

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Unfortunately this is a pretty bit job. We have several hundred opcodes, and no clear idea for what they should do. My personal preference is to not throw exceptions where a null result does not cause a semi-predicate problem. In the case of the string opcode, returning a 0 for null or an empty string is kind of ambiguous, and we probably do want to differentiate. In another common case, such as find_method, returning a null is probably preferable to throwing an exception, I think (and there are hundreds of more examples where we would have to look on a case-by-case basis and make these kinds of decisions).

I can do a certain amount of review (and I'm happy to volunteer cotto to take a look as well), but in the end it's probably a huge amount of work. When you combine in the effort it would take to set up deprecations for everything we find that needs to change, and all the tests that we would need to update for each change, this ticket really does become unmanageably huge. I'll do what I can, but unless I hear more support for this ticket, it will probably be closed long before reaching perfect consistency.

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this isn't worth doing at this point in Parrot development. We aren't going to rewrite PIR to be "sane" or "consistent". However, if we write new assembly-level languages for Parrot in the future we might do well to follow some of these lessons.

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