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t/pmc/fixedpmcarray.t: fix to work with prederef of JIT

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Component: testing Version: 1.8.0
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I am transferring into Trac what was  RT #46855. That RT was closed when our JIT was deprecated, but a reference to RT #46855 remained in a TODO-ed test in t/pmc/timer.t. That TODO must be tracked in a Trac ticket.

 67 .sub test_sort
 68      .local pmc compares, cmp_fun
 69      # RT #46855 doesnt work wit prederef of JIT
 70      bounds 1
 71      compares = new ['Integer']
 72      compares = 0
 73      set_global "compares", compares
 74      cmp_fun = get_global "cmp_fun"
 75      sort_ar()
 76      sort_ar(cmp_fun)
 77 .end

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Changed 11 years ago by jkeenan

Reviewing this old ticket today, I wonder if this line of reasoning is correct?

We ripped out our JIT. Therefore we have no prederef (whatever that is) in our JIT. Therefore these tests must remain TODO until such time as we have a JIT and prederef therein.


Thank you very much.


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Yup. This ticket is no longer relevant.

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