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t/compilers/imcc/syn/clash.t: Is test complete?

Reported by: jkeenan Owned by: plobsing
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Component: imcc Version: 1.8.0
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In the file in question we see this:

173 pir_error_output_like( <<'CODE', <<'OUTPUT', 'new with a native type, no str    ing constant', todo => 'RT #51662 not done yet' );
174 .sub test :main
175         $P1 = new INTVAL
176     print "never\n"
177     end
178 .end
179 CODE
180 /error:imcc:syntax error, unexpected IDENTIFIER \('INTVAL'\)/

 RT #51662 was resolved, but the 'todo' reference was left in the test file.

This must be tracked in Trac.

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The error messages is currently:

error:imcc:The opcode 'new_p_ic' (new<2>) was not found. Check the type and number of the arguments

Here's why:

  • Barewords that aren't predefined variables are assumed to be labels.
  • The 'ic' op fullname arg code is used both for integer constants and labels.
  • Instruction selection occurs right as we parse the op, meaning we cannot know that there isn't a label 'INTVAL' somewhere.

Here's how we might improve the situation:

  • Make label op arguments take a prefix (eg: '&')
  • Make label op arguments represented by a different code in fullnames (eg: 'lbl')
  • Require predeclaration of labels
  • Parse all the way through a sub before selecting instructions

I'm open to suggestions.

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Can anyone comment on plobsing's suggestions?

Thank you very much.


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