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parrot's Test::More's is(PMC,Float), with precision

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This option needs better docs in the pod. (specifically, what do you pass in?)

It's defined as a pmc type, but is cast to num and used that way - should probably just be declared as a num type. [0]

Also, when passed, the floats are still compared with iseq first; I would suggest that if we're declaring we want it, we should avoid the direct comparison and just check the diff.

[0](This actually seems to be a common theme with many options across several test::more subs- e.g. is :multi(PMC,Float), but the float parameter is declared as a .pmc, and then cast to a .num - also, many uses of _make_diagnostic first cast the passed in args to string, despite the fact that the sub declares the parameters as string itself)

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r42966 has minor cleanups to the code in is(), forcing precision check to be used if present, avoiding a lot of casts that autoboxing does for us.

Changed 7 years ago by coke

docs added in r42967.

Changed 7 years ago by dukeleto

I added tests for Float/float comparison in r42987, since only float/float was tested.

Changed 7 years ago by dukeleto

More tests in r42988

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The original points raised in this ticket have been addressed; docs have been updated, tests of tests have been added, and many unnecessary casts have been removed.

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