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[LHF] Add tests for Plumage's Util.nqp

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Plumage's test suite is sorely lacking, and I could really use help from anyone with basic NQP skills to greatly expand it. Looking for some low hanging fruit to help Plumage and Parrot? Here's some. :-)

t/03-util.t, which tests src/lib/Util.nqp, is the first test file that should get this attention, as Util.nqp is used throughout the project -- and in fact some or all of it may eventually move to be part of NQP-rx.

The Plumage repository is at http://gitorious.org/parrot-plumage/parrot-plumage . There are basic layout and naming guidelines in t/docs/hacking/add-tests.pod (it's short, don't worry).

If you're a Plumage committer, just go ahead and commit. If you want to be one, contact japhb on #parrot to get your commitbit. Otherwise, patches attached to this ticket work just as well.


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Changed 12 years ago by dukeleto

A list of functions that have no tests would be useful here. For instance, all_matches() currently has no tests.

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