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Change trace offset numbers to hex format

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pbc_dump, as well as every other dumping tool on the planet, outputs in hex:

 00c6:  00000025 00000034                                     get_params_pc
 00cb:  000003d1 00000000 00000002 00000039                   set_p_p_kc
 00cf:  0000014c 00000000 00000006                            unless_null_p_ic

but trace outputs offset numbers in decimal:

   198 get_params PC52 (3), P1, P3, P2                                        PC52=FixedIntegerArray=PMC(0x81f09d8) P1=PMCNULL P3=PMCNULL P2=PMCNULL
   203 set P0, P2["to"]                                        P0=PMCNULL P2=Hash=PMC(0x818ee10) 
   207 unless_null P0, 6                                        P0=PMCProxy=PMC(0x818f950) 

Not that I _can't_ do decimal-to-hex conversions in my head in real time, or anything. But _other people_ might find the tools easier to use if they were consistent.

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