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Preprocessing using parrot -E fails

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Component: none Version: 2.1.0
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Patch status: Platform: linux


In revision 44472 preprocessing fails $ echo ".HLL 'test1'" | ./parrot -E - Segmentation fault

In revision 44371 (used by rakudo) preprocessing seems to replace .HLL keyword with garbage (I could be wrong): $ (echo ".HLL 'test1'"; echo ".HLL 'test2'"; echo ".HLL 'test3'") | ./parrot -E - ��� 'test1' 'test1' 'test2' 'test2' 'test3'

Change History

Changed 12 years ago by coke

as of r46617, these now generate:

$ echo ".HLL 'test1'" | ./parrot -E -
(null) 'test1'

$ (echo ".HLL 'test1'"; echo ".HLL 'test2'"; echo ".HLL 'test3'") | ./parrot -E -
'test1' 'test2'
'test2' 'test3'

So, we've upgraded from a segfault.

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