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expose a getpid library function for Rakudo $*PID and other languages

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Please enable language implementations to read the ID of the running Parrot process. Coke++ implemented it in partcl with an "evil" workaround:


In Windows the lib should not be null, it should get the loadlib 'kernel32' result, and the function name is '_getpid' instead of 'getpid'.

The idea was discussed during about an hour from  http://irclog.perlgeek.de/parrot/2010-04-19#i_2242886

The Rakudo file src/cheats/setup-io.pm intends to use this function. In the meantime, it may get by with a workaround similar to the one in partcl.

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Function Parrot_getpid introduced as experimental in r48580

Changed 9 years ago by NotFound

Added a win32 version in 93f58ba1bd5c75763b5e193a6fc4444ca9115cc6

I've used GetCurrentProcessId, looks better than the evil workaround and I think it should work in the windows versions we support. Feedback welcome.

Changed 9 years ago by moritz

FYI, Rakudo now uses the getpid method from the parrot interpreter.

As soon as it's not "experimental" anymore, this ticket can be closed.

Changed 9 years ago by NotFound

After discussion on irc, the decision was to get out of experimental status both the Parrot_getpid function and the method getpid on Interpreter, making both supported.

When DEPRECATED.pod and other docs and comments get updated, I'm going to close this ticket.

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Done in aaf8008, closing.

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