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t/op/sprintf2.t: Misleading documentation

Reported by: jkeenan Owned by: dukeleto
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Component: testing Version: 2.4.0
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In r42481, as part of work on TT #1122, the following patch was applied to the POD for t/op/sprintf2.t:

-Executes sprintf tests that sprintf.t can't handle yet.
+Executes sprintf tests that were generated by tools/dev/sprintf2.pl

However, AFAICT we don't have any tools/dev/sprintf2.pl:

$ ls tools/dev/*.pl
tools/dev/as2c.pl                       tools/dev/mk_manifest_and_skip.pl
tools/dev/branch_status.pl              tools/dev/mk_nci_thunks.pl
tools/dev/checkdepend.pl                tools/dev/mk_rpm_manifests.pl
tools/dev/create_language.pl            tools/dev/nci_test_gen.pl
tools/dev/faces.pl                      tools/dev/nm.pl
tools/dev/fetch_languages.pl            tools/dev/nopaste.pl
tools/dev/gen_charset_tables.pl         tools/dev/ops_not_tested.pl
tools/dev/gen_class.pl                  tools/dev/parrot_api.pl
tools/dev/gen_makefile.pl               tools/dev/parrot_coverage.pl
tools/dev/gen_valgrind_suppressions.pl  tools/dev/parrot_shell.pl
tools/dev/install_dev_files.pl          tools/dev/parrotbench.pl
tools/dev/install_doc_files.pl          tools/dev/pbc_header.pl
tools/dev/install_files.pl              tools/dev/pmcrenumber.pl
tools/dev/lib_deps.pl                   tools/dev/pmctree.pl
tools/dev/list_unjitted.pl              tools/dev/pprof2cg.pl
tools/dev/manicheck.pl                  tools/dev/reconfigure.pl
tools/dev/mk_gitignore.pl               tools/dev/search-ops.pl
tools/dev/mk_inno.pl                    tools/dev/svnclobber.pl
tools/dev/mk_inno_language.pl           tools/dev/symlink.pl
tools/dev/mk_language_shell.pl          tools/dev/vtablize.pl

Can this be clarified?

Thank you very much.


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r42481 appears to have been your commit. Can you take this ticket?

Thank you very much.


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Fixed in r47676

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