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helper script to find committers.

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when generating the 2.6.0 release announcement, I did an svn log on trunk to the release corresponding to the 2.5.0 release, pulled out all the unique committer names, looked up their Name in CREDITS, then alphabetized by last name. I also grabbed all "courtesy of" and in one case, had to look up on a trac ticket to find out who submitted the patch was used (there was "patch applied" note. When applying other people's patches, IWBNI you named them specifically)

I also did a diffstat to find out how many files were touched. (I didn't bother with LOC due to the # of generated files)

IWBNI if this was automated for the next release manager.

Low priority given a pending move from svn to git.

Change History

Changed 11 years ago by coke

Now that we've switched to git, we should be able to more directly borrow rakudo's script for this.

Changed 11 years ago by dukeleto

I think the "git summary" command from git-extras can do most of this work:


I added the ability to run git summary on a commitish, so you can do something like this: git summary RELEASE_2_1_0..RELEASE_2_2_0 and get something like

  project: parrot       
  commits: 1893          
   1285 foo    
    478 bar
     48 baz
     34 doo       
     26 fooz        
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