Ticket #1727 (new todo)

Opened 11 years ago

Rationalize get/set opcodes

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There are opcodes called:


with (some) corresponding setters.

The signatures are:

   getattribute $PMC, 'name'
   getprop 'name', $PMC

I propose these be made rational by:

  1. Creating parallel opcodes with consistent names and signatures.
  2. Deprecating the irrational opcodes.
  3. Removing the irrational opcodes at the end of a deprecation cycle.

I propose that the rational form be:

  1. fully spelled out;
  2. with underscores;
  3. pmc, then name.


   $P0 = get_class $PMC
   $P1 = get_attribute $PMC, 'attr'
   $P2 = get_property $PMC, 'prop'

and likewise for the setters, and any others I may have missed.

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