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Pmc2c line numbering confuses gdb

Reported by: plobsing Owned by: dukeleto
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Component: tools Version: 2.6.0
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Using the default configuration, gdb is unable to step through vtables, giving messages such as:

0x00007ffff7a90ae4 in Parrot_OpLib_init_pmc (
    interp=0x60a080, _self=0x789770, 
   from /home/pitr/dev/parrot/dynop_mapping/blib/lib/libparrot.so.2.6.0
(gdb) n
Single stepping until exit from function Parrot_OpLib_init_pmc, 
which has no line number information.
Parrot_pmc_new_init (interp=0x60a080, base_type=37, 
    init=0x7892d0) at src/pmc.c:551
551	        return pmc;

This is a significant drag because much Parrot functionality is inside vtables.

Reconfiguring with --no-line-directives, which disables line directive generation from tools such as pmc2c, the vtables become steppable.

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plobsing, what is purpose of this ticket? Fix line number regeneration by pmc2c?

-- Bacek

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