Ticket #1831 (new bug)

Opened 11 years ago

config problem with glui library on ubuntu 10.04

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Component: configure Version: trunk
Severity: medium Keywords: opengl glui
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Patch status: Platform: linux


If I have the glui libraries (include files) installed on my ubuntu 10.04 system, the $ perl configure.pl shell command makes the following complaint/warning:

gen::opengl -         Generating OpenGL bindings...In OpenGL header '/usr/include/GL/glui.h', can't parse canonicalized prototype for '':
  GLUI_String& glui_format_str(GLUI_String &str, char* fmt, ...);
Original prototype:
  GLUIAPI GLUI_String& glui_format_str(GLUI_String &str, const char* fmt, ...);


this appears to come from the header file parser in parrot/config/gen/opengl.pm throwing out the "const" prefix for a "char *" argument:

cc179ba1 (japhb     2008-06-01 03:02:27 +0000  695)             s/\bconst\b\s*//g;
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