Ticket #2012 (new bug)

Opened 11 years ago

osutils does not play nice with nqp-setting

Reported by: whiteknight Owned by:
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Component: library Version: master
Severity: low Keywords: nqp osutils
Cc: fperrad, pmichaud Language:
Patch status: Platform: all


runtime/parrot/library/osutils.pir does not using namespacing. Neither does nqp-setting. Attempting to use both libraries in the same project (which is very possible if using distutils from an NQP-rx script) causes naming conflicts. Specifically, the problem I am having is that distutils is attempting to call the "slurp" method from osutils, but is going to the "slurp" method in nqp-setting instead. The one in nqp-setting has different semantics and doesn't allow you to specify the encoding.

I would like to add proper namespacing to osutils, but that's going to require some changes to distutils and maybe other languages. I don't know how well-used that library is. Another alternative would be to add NQP setting functions to a namespace ("NQP::Setting"?). I don't know how well that change would be received either.

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