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Something borked with HLL mappings.

Reported by: coke Owned by: whiteknight
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Component: hll_interop Version: 3.1.0
Severity: medium Keywords: testneeded
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partcl (old) is finally building again, but has dozens of test failures. Most of these seem to stem from invalid mappings, where parrot types are showing up instead of partcl types, and therefore the behavior is incorrect.

A very small example of tcl that exhibits this problem:

lrepeat 0.2 2

runtime/builtin/lrepeat.pir has a snippet:

    .local int count
    count = shift argv

Which should be throwing an exception because 0.2 cannot be parsed as an int. However, it's getting the parrot behavior (truncated to 0), and then dying because it needs to be at least 1.

I don't see where it's losing the mapping information - a simple example loading tcl_group and runtime/tcllib.pir seems to give the correct information when boxing.

However, if I trace the code, I see the following:

# Calling sub 'tcl;_anon'
# current instr.: '_main' pc 286 (src/tclsh.pir:158)
*** switching to
0000 box P1, "0.2"                                        P1=PMCNULL
0003 box P2, "2"                                        P2=PMCNULL
0006 find_name P3, "&lrepeat"                                        P3=PMCNULL
0009 if_null P3, 14                                        P3=Sub=PMC(0x10192ea58 pc:15719)
000c set_args PC3 (2), P1, P2                                        PC3=FixedIntegerArray=PMC(0x101ac1828) P1=String=PMC(0x101b4d6c8 Str:"0.2") P2=String=PMC(0x101b4d6f0 Str:"2")
0010 invokecc P3                                        P3=Sub=PMC(0x10192ea58 pc:15719)

if I check the types of those boxes, they are going to Integer, not TclInt.

The mappings for the 'tcl' HLL are covered by the definitions in the PMC files. the '_tcl' namespace maps them in PIR in runtime/tcllib.pir

Any help greatly appreciated - this is a big blocker for partcl.

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Changed 11 years ago by whiteknight

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Assuming I know absolutely nothing about tcl (which is not a terrible assumption), how do I reproduce this error? Is there a particular test I can run, or is there a short test file I can create?

What commands do I use to execute?

Changed 11 years ago by coke

You'll need an installed parrot, then:

$ perl Configure.pl
$ make
$ cat error.tcl
lrepeat 0.2 2
$ ./tclsh error.tcl # partcl executable
must have a count of at least 1
$ parrot tcl.pbc error.tcl # partcl bytecode
must have a count of at least 1
$ tclsh error.tcl # tclsh 8.something - not needed, but this is the expected error.
expected integer but got "0.2"
    while executing
"lrepeat 0.2 2"
    (file "error.tcl" line 1)

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Fixed in 90b78cc458. Test needed.

-- Bacek

Changed 11 years ago by coke

  • lang tcl deleted

Removing tcl language as this is no longer blocking partcl

bacek++ failed to mention that with this commit, ALL TESTS PASS in partcl (old).


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no further issues mentioned. Closing ticket.

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