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Failures in uploading to Smolder

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There have been quite a few problems with make smoke/smolder recently.

I have frequently been getting:

Result: PASS

TAP Archive created at /home/mhk/parrot/parrot_test_run.tar.gz
Could not upload report to Smolder at http://smolder.parrot.org
HTTP CODE: 500 (Internal Server Error)
make: *** [smolder_test] Error 255

Today I successfully re-sent using:

mhk@mhk-desktop:~/parrot$ date
Sat Mar  5 09:55:39 GMT 2011
mhk@mhk-desktop:~/parrot$ perl -Ilib -MParrot::Harness::Smoke -e'Parrot::Harness::Smoke::send_archive_to_smolder(Parrot::Harness::Smoke::collect_test_environment_data())'
Test report successfully sent to Smolder at
You can see other recent reports at
http://smolder.parrot.org/app/projects/smoke_reports/1 .

A few days ago I tried multiple times to re-send, but all attempts failed then.

Looking at the reports:


I noticed that report #11514 was incomplete (the time corresponds to the time the report was uploaded [failed above])

I also noticed a number of other failed uploads.

In its previous incarnation on plusthree.com this situation was fixed AFAIR by increasing the server-side timeout. I don't know if this has been attempted, but if it has the timeout needs to be increased further, or perhaps there is another problem.

Cheers Michael (mikehh)

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