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darwin/ppc build failure once gms is default GC

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Component: build Version: 3.2.0
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make now fails to complete on Darwin/PPC -- where now means: now that gms has been made the default GC in master.

This failure appeared last night when gms was not yet default in master but still had to be called with --gc=gms. Since it was just an option failure at that point, we didn't consider it to be a release blocker. But now that it's default, we have to follow it in Trac.


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build failure in master now that gms is default GC

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Changed 11 years ago by jkeenan

build failure in master now that gms is default GC

Changed 11 years ago by jkeenan

Code in the area reported in the failure message:

    650 STRING *
    651 Parrot_str_new_init(PARROT_INTERP, ARGIN_NULLOK(const char *buffer), UINTVAL len,
    652         ARGIN(const STR_VTABLE *encoding), UINTVAL flags)
    653 {
    654     ASSERT_ARGS(Parrot_str_new_init)
    655     DECL_CONST_CAST;
    656     STRING * const s = Parrot_gc_new_string_header(interp, flags);
    657     s->encoding      = encoding;

Changed 11 years ago by jkeenan

Just to keep things interesting ... here's a different build failure in 'master' on Darwin/PPC.

In TT #2090, I proposed a patch to src/platform/darwin/sysmem.c Use HW_MEMSIZE instead of HW_PHYSMEM. So the failure report in the description came with a slight deviation from 'master'.

When I revert to the current HEAD for sysmem.c and configure with gms as the default GC, make fails to complete -- but at a different point in the process and with a different error message:

./parrot-nqp --target=pir runtime/parrot/library/ProfTest/PIRProfile.nqp > 
./parrot -o runtime/parrot/library/ProfTest/PIRProfile.pbc 
./parrot-nqp --target=pir runtime/parrot/library/ProfTest/NQPProfile.nqp > 
./parrot -o runtime/parrot/library/ProfTest/NQPProfile.pbc 
./parrot-nqp --target=pir runtime/parrot/library/ProfTest/Matcher.nqp > 
./parrot -o runtime/parrot/library/ProfTest/Matcher.pbc 
./parrot-nqp --target=pir runtime/parrot/library/ProfTest/Want.nqp > 
src/gc/gc_gms.c:1231: failed assertion 
  '!PObj_on_free_list_TEST(pmc) || !"Resurrecting of dead objects is not supported"'
make: *** [runtime/parrot/library/ProfTest/Want.pir] Error 134

If I have time, I will try with --gc=ms2 in a pure master on this box.

Thank you very much.


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Well, much to my pleasant surprise, Parrot build successfully on Darwin/PPC for me this evening.

$ grep -n gc_type lib/Parrot/Config/Generated.pm 
136:  'gc_type' => 'GMS',
$ git show | head -1
commit 71ed52129ae75c2b69adb89d706e2363192a535a

I get 4 build failures in t/src/extend_vtable.t -- but those are being followed in TT #2098.

Since I've got a build, I'll close this ticket.

But does anyone want to wager on how long it stays closed?


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