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mingw build fails while building opsc

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Component: build Version: 3.3.0
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Patch status: Platform: win32


I don't have the tuits to investigate this right now, but I want to make sure it doesn't escape notice. I didn't use any special arguments to Configure.pl. The build completes successfully if I use ms2 by passing --gc=ms2 to Configure.pl.

C:\strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe -MExtUtils::Command -e mkpath runtime/parrot/languages/data_json
C:\strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe -MExtUtils::Command -e cp compilers/data_json/data_json.pbc runtime/parrot/languages/data_json/data_json.pbc
C:\strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe -MExtUtils::Command -e mkpath runtime/parrot/languages/JSON
.\parrot-nqp.exe --target=pir compilers/data_json/JSON.nqp > runtime/parrot/languages/JSON/JSON.pir
.\parrot-nqp.exe --target=pir --output=compilers/opsc/gen/Ops/Compiler.pir  compilers/opsc/src/Ops/Compiler.pm
.\parrot-nqp.exe --target=pir --output=compilers/opsc/gen/Ops/Compiler/Actions.pir compilers/opsc/src/Ops/Compiler/Actions.pm
gmake: *** [compilers/opsc/gen/Ops/Compiler/Actions.pir] Error -1073741819


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