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Relocate Python Scripts in "blib" Directory

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Considering that the blib directory is short for "binary library", I don't think it's an appropriate place for any Python scripts. I'm, of course, talking about GDBPrettyPrint.py. Perhaps a more appropriate place for it would be in one of the subdirectories in tools.

What about __init__.py and libparrot.so.*-gdb.py? I'm not a Python hacker myself but it looks like the later relies on a class defined in GDBPrettyPrint.py so if one was moved, I think the other would have to be also.

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blib/lib is where GDBPrettyPrint.py gets built. The source code, however, resides in tools/dev/gdb-pp-load.py and tools/dev/gdb-pp.py.

IIRC, these files were contributed by one of the Google Code-In participants in late 2010 or early 2011. They're meant to supply pretty printing for GDB for people who have a recent enough version of Python installed.

I took a quick look at an installed parrot and couldn't locate GDBPrettyPrint.py. My guess -- and at this point it's only a guess -- is that for the purposes we were using it for it was sufficient to place the binary in blib/lib. But perhaps we really ought to have it installed; it was probably simply an oversight that we didn't add it to the installation programs back then.


Thank you very much.


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Well actually, pmichaud corrected me and said that the "b" in "blib" actually stands for "build" which, if what you're saying is true, would make sense. However, when I looked at our Makefile, it's not actually "built" but instead just copied. That explains why diff reports that the files in blib/lib and tools/dev are exactly the same.

If this was the end of the discussion, I would say that this is redundant. However, on  parrot-dev, plobsing says:

The GDB pretty printer script is where it is because that's where GDB
looks for it - in the same place as the executable or library to which
it corresponds. It belongs there more than anywhere else.

These scripts aren't actually installed though. I would imagine that GDB looks in a predefined set of directories of which /usr/local/lib is included. Yet, like I said, these scripts aren't there. Unless I did not look hard enough, there is no target for installing them to /usr/local/lib either.

Is plobsing 's comment true? If it is, I will obviously close this.

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It seems like we should close this ticket as a Wontfix.

Does anyone disagree with that?

Thank you very much.


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Agreed. Closing ticket.

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